Happy Tuesday Swimwear and Lingerie Fans!

We have nothing but rain forecast for the entire week. UGH!

It actually feels like winter all over again… It’s dark by 5:00 pm and you need to bundle up against the wet chill.

Blech… enough already.

My thoughts keep straying to warm breezes, sunny skies that stay light until at least 9:00 pm, but most of all I’m daydreaming of all the super colourful swimwear just begging to come out of storage. Just thinking about them makes me smile and I can almost smell the freshly cut grass and sunscreen.

Now that’s the mood I want…

Don’t you just love the way vintage swimsuits worshiped the feminine frame? They hugged the curves and reveled in the flow of their silhouette. They had amazing structural details like darts and seams, ruching and ruffles that flattered and flaunted hips and legs.

Wasn’t Esther Williams just the BOMB? Seriously, she knew how to wear a swimsuit didn’t she?

I really adore the colours most of all. If we were to gather up all of these gorgeous photos we could have our own little swimsuit bouquet.

There was a sense of playfulness that seems to be missing from contemporary swimwear. I don’t mean innocence, I actually find it rather nauseating when adults wear styles that obviously belong on children. That’s just down right creepy (in the same way that maternity clothes seemed to infantalize pregnant women in the past).

Nope, I mean there wasn’t the same overpowering desperation to show as much skin as possible, there was more of an effort to create an ensemble and a mystique.

I actually feel much better now.

However, if you find that you haven’t been able to access your happy place through our visual stroll down Memory Lane, you may need a serious intervention of the video kind. Please keep in mind that “Psycho Beach Party” should only EVER be used in the case of extreme doldrums….

If you aren’t smiling by the end of the trailer, then by all means progress on to the movie and supplement with a Pina Colada and some Cocoa Butter moisturizer for added effect. If you aren’t laughing or at least snickering at the sheer cultish brilliance of this spoof then you may just be a lost cause… sorry about your luck.