Hiya Swimwear and Lingerie friends.

Well, it’s awesome over here, I caught a cold at the end of the long weekend and spent my holiday Monday cleaning the house, napping and looking like a glazed donut.

I feel like a big bag of poo.

I feel like a big bag of poo.

Good times!

I’m still stuffier than a hipster pottery barn pillow, so let’s have some fun looking at a vintage lingerie ad from our good buddies over at Maidenform.


It’s an activity that’s sure to brighten my mood.

Am I the only one that thinks that Maidenform’s idea of being a queen is rather similar to a creepy carnival? Hmmm, maybe more vaudevillian- the girl on the velvet swing-type of a thing.

The dog looks mortified to be stuck next to her and her giant meringue of a dress.

Ahh well, there’s no accounting for taste now is there… maybe she meant Queen of the Prom…