We haven’t really been keeping up the male end of the bargain here on Swimwear and Lingerie. The poor fellas have been left with little to no information or guidance on their swimwear and lingerie needs aside from girdles and shapewear.

Well, fear not, we have an all new, all male undie challenge!


baskit underwear, http://www.baskitwear.com

The wonderful people at |Baskit| have asked us to review some of their new collection; I can’t tell you all how excited I was by the prospect. I quickly lined up several fabulous fellas willing to be guinea pigs in my gotchie experiment. They have taken the not-so-tightey, not-so-whitey pledge of honesty and have promised to put the underwear through the paces to see if it performs up to scratch. I promise to report exactly what they said and give you the low down.

I chose several different types of underwear to get a real feel for the brand and what |Baskit| is offering. We have the snugfitseamless style in brief form, actioncool Low Rise Trunks, bodyart Boxer Brief, and the ribbed Jock Brief.

Each guy was handed a package of underpants and instructed to wear them throughout their busiest day of the week and see if the underwear performed to satisfaction and did all of the amazing things the box said it would. They would then report their experiences to me and tell me if the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

So, our lovely test models were;

Rich, 38 IT Geek, received the actioncool Low Rise Trunks
James, 30, Robotics Geek, received the snugfitseamless Brief Style
Scott, 34, Outdoorsman and General Sports Fanatic,ribbed Jock Brief
and lastly,
Paul, 29, Professional Dancer, received the bodyart Boxer Brief

Check back tomorow to find out who got what and what they thought of it all!




baskit multi frame, http://www.baskitwear.com