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La Perla S/S 2012 Lingerie Video

La Perla, S/S 2012

La Perla, S/S 2012

Happy Friday Swimwear and Lingerie Lovers!!!

For our relaxed Anything Goes Friday, I have fabulous little lingerie video for your viewing enjoyment.

This has been created by those fun folks over at La Perla. The video features some of the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection and is called “The Sixties Flair”.

Jeisa Chiminazzo is the model and she definitely nails the uppercut glamorous ’60’s.

I’m a big fan of this collection and love the delicate laces and transparent fabrics. The details are mesmerizing and you should definitely check out the entire Collection because there’s definitely something for everyone.

La Perla The Sixties Flair

La Perla The Sixties Flair

My only complaint, is I wish she wouldn’t slouch about. Posture is so important for good health.




Hello fellow Swimwear and Lingerie lovers.

How was your weekend?

Mine was fabulous and full of lots of surfing. Internet surfing that is.

So, today’s post was actually really hard to do because I have a wealth of things I’ve been dying to show you.

But the rules state that I can only choose one at a time… {and of course being the upright person that I am, I have totally broken the rule atleast once already}

I seriously had a really hard time choosing. But in the end, it came down to the way the lingerie was presented.

After all, if the images aren’t satisfyingly beautiful, what good is showing you the “must-covet” item?

This issue was recently highlighted by the ever-fabulous Treacle on Twitter and it really got me to thinking about my many criteria for featuring something on Swimwear and Lingerie.

Therefore, in the interest of free marketing advice to La Perla;

Public Service Announcement:

Dear La Perla Folk,

Kindly choose models who are not glaring at the camera, appear to dislike what they are wearing and mostly just look rather peeved at the whole idea of modeling your lingerie. They actually turn me off your designs, which are rather lovely and I would adore reviewing on this blog, however I can’t show them to my readers because your models are so morose, it would be a huge downer.

The take home message from your advertising campaign appears to be that even your luxury, high-priced lingerie can’t make these women happy, so what’s the point in buying it?

Frankly, I would like to see them look somewhat happy or emote something other than disdain and general malaise. Let me buy a positive wish, dream moment of optimism if you will. Let me pretend that if I wear your lingerie, I too could look happy, relaxed and super satisfied with my lot in life. I already have the malcontent covered… I don’t need any more thanks.

Just thought you may want to know.



…and we’re back to our regularly scheduled “Must-Have-Mondays”.

Are you ready? Have I delayed this long enough?

The lingerie I am so happy to show you today hails from the lovely folk over at Agent Provacteur.

How delicious is that ensemble? Yup, I am totally cheating again, I want the whole enchilada. Not just one little thingy!

This is the Lorna set, it includes the Basque; “Exquisite delicately embroidered Swiss tulle basque featuring a ‘tulip’ style skirt detail. This light weight tulle basque shapes you in all the right places creating the perfect hourglass figure. Finished off with a delicate black silk bow and lilac bud.”

Almost sounds like a sumptuous desert doesn’t it? The scalloping around the bust and the adorable little tulip skirt are such elegant touches the have me squealing with girly little “Eees!”

The delicate thong is the perfect touch as are the attached garters.

On the whole it’s just fabulous isn’t it?

I would be in heaven and wouldn’t mind the painful process of saving up for it at all…but…….

Now for the downside… sigh. {insert pathetic pouty face here}

Apparently Agent Provacateur doesn’t think women measuring above a 36 D would be interested in wearing their Lorna Basque or petite women who wear the sizes below a 32 B. Bah…

Both Petite and Voluptuous women love lingerie… why can’t they have super duper expensive and elegant Agent Provacateur stuff too?

Oh well, at least their models look happy to be wearing it… I know I would… if I could….