Happy Swimwear and Lingerie Thursday everyone!

Okay, by now, you’re probably really sick of hearing about just how sick I feel, so I promise not to mention it today…except for that brief nod to it back there.

Today’s Fitting Tip Thursday post is all about buying yourself a bra when you’re breastfeeding.

Nursing bras are one of those things that are almost impossible to figure out ahead of time. Unfortunately, your breasts won’t really expand and reach their true nursing size until you are actually nursing. Which means you just have to buy one on best guess ahead of time.

{great advice so far, right?}

Basically, you will want to measure yourself during your last month of pregnancy and purchase a nursing bra in this size as well as one a cup size larger for the initial period when your body is figuring everything out. Those women with larger chests may find that they cannot find nursing bras in their size at their local stores and may need to go online to find the proper fit and style.

Here is a helpful video from HOTmilk Lingerie, makers of a fabulous line of maternity lingerie and nursing fashions.

That was fun wasn’t it? Back to serious stuff now. It sometimes helps to understand what changes are happening to understand the new needs of your boobs. The lovely designers of Cake Lingerie have created a handy dandy little posting for Belly Beyond that explains all of this nicely.

There is a whole world of debate when it comes to underwire or no underwire.

Basically, you will just need to read up on the research and decide that one for yourself. I didn’t use an underwire and I still got mastitis {which hurt like a MOFO}. I don’t think there is a magic, cross the board recipe that will protect everyone, so best of luck to ya!

Some bras like the Bravissimo Nursing Bras have snaps and flaps for easy access to the boobies

And others like the Japanese Weekend “Hug” Bra have soft cups and stretchy fabric that can be pulled aside for convenient nursing.

“Our hug™ Nursing Bra is designed to hug your shape with wonderfully soft fabric that embraces you for that barely-there feeling. Features include: one handed quick and easy nursing access, move cup to the side of breast by moving lower band, wide double banded front, adjustable straps, comfortable three position back hooks, one bra per pack.”

Sounds kinda cozy now doesn’t it? Frankly, I’m thinking of sewing up some lovely soft stretchy sleep bras ’cause I miss my old nursing ones… that and it would be funny to watch the hubby freak out!

No matter where you find yourself on the great nursing bra debate, remember you will be wearing these for over 12 hours a day and most likely through the night too, don’t cheap out or torture yourself by wearing ones that are too small.

Your boobs deserve to be cared for properly… trust me avoiding some of the infections and unfortunate issues that go along with improperly fit bras are definitely worth your time!!!