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Hola Swimwear and Lingerie friends!

Happy halfway through the week! Today’s Pin Up Wednesday lady is having a slight problem with her cute-as-a-button fizzy pop and the natural spillage that can occur.

Although her expression is a bit odd, {proof that the annoying duckface look on Facebook isn’t a recent phenomenom!} I’m not quite sure what she thinks the danger of having her messed up skirt on her legs is all about, but any reason to show off some garter is a good one.

Is it just me or are a surprising number of pin ups uncredibly uncoordinated and klutzy? They always seem to be dropping things, spilling stuff or getting their clothing sucked up into vacuums.

Are we being led to believe that beautiful, buxom young women are innately dense?

{full disclosure time- I’ve now fallen twice this month in full view of people and while wearing flat heeled footwear= no excuses}

Not that I’m judging but, who the heck wears spike heels to a picnic in a field? She’ll be making divots with every step!




Happy Hump Day Swimwear and Lingerie fanatics!

Your workweek is almost half over and to help you hurdle this formidable hump, I bring you a talented young lady who can fix her own car, in heels! Which is waaay more than I can accomplish. I have trouble even walking in heels, never mind tinkering with an engine.

I tell ya, Mr. Elvgren knows some of the most talented ladies.

I gotta say, one of my favourite parts of a Gil Elvgren Pin Up, has got to be the facial expressions. What do you think she’s saying here?

She looks defiantly patient, as though Elvgren had frozen a moment, split second, between dialogue and action. He’s just awesome isn’t he?

I think her thought bubble, a la Snoopy in Peanuts, would read: “Whistle one more time and this wrench will require a greased monkey to remove it!”



Vintage Stocking Advert

Vintage Stocking Advert

Hi Swimwear and Lingerie enthusiasts! {waves enthusiastically from cottage country} The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful. jk…it’s a silly old postcard joke.

For today’s Totally Retro Tuesday, we’re taking a look at a really winning vintage advert. It’s actually for Ivory Snow laundry detergent and not stockings, however, it features quite prominently, a lady in her underthings getting dressed and her husband {an assumption I have to make because it’s incredibly retro and let’s face it, a man and a woman would never be featured together unless they were married, especially if she is exposing skin} . She’s wearing a gorgeous bullet bra, slip, garters and stockings. Standard attire for a modest and demure little housewife.

June would approve!

June would approve!

Please note that the fella isn’t undressed. He’s kicking his cool guy business gear which gives him an even more authoritative voice when he expresses his concern about the sheer number of stockings his hapless and clumsy wife is just burning through.

How careless could she be? Sheesh!

She should be afraid… very afraid, June doesn’t like careless women that just let their acidic perspiration perforate their delicate stockings… it makes June mad… very, very mad!



Not to worry though, to the rescue… IVORY SNOW Laundry Detergent!!!! It helps to guard against that evil Acid Perspiration that just eats away at stockings and gives you 20 % more stocking wear!!!

It’s a miracle and the answer to every little frugal housewife’s biggest concern. The uber-creepy lingerie fairy must have been listening.

Scary Lingerie Fairy

Scary Lingerie Fairy

{and my sarcasm meter is now turned off}

Sorry, I guess I was having flashbacks to my old “women’s studies” days back in university. I’m done. I promise.

On a different note, I do love how a laundry detergent company was able to use the power imbalance in a 1950’s type of marriage to push their product. Brilliant advertising campaign, because what women didn’t feel like an absolute drain on the family’s budget?



I am not June Cleaver, so get over it

I am not June Cleaver, so get over it

Friday Funnies

Garter Belts Decoded

Happy Thursday Swimwear and Lingerie Fans.

Pardon me if my writing is all crooked and jiggly, I’m busy doing my “…it’s almost the weekend dance, it’s almost the weekend dance…”

I’m so ridiculously excited to do NOTHING!!! Well, not nothing… but sew up some new knickers I’ve been designing and just dying to get to. Funny how the weekends always get full of things to do and commitments that never leave time for our hobbies and fun things. Well, I decided that this weekend was going to be about doing some of the things I want to do, so I deliberately said “No” to everything.

Politely of course…

Okay, enough about my plans… today is, after all, Fitting Tip Thursday, and today I am answering the almighty question of…

What is the difference between a 4 and a 6 suspender garter belt?

Let’s just get some illustrative pictures so we know what we’re talking about okay? These are 4 strap garters, they have a strap on the front of each leg and another strap on the back.

Okee? Got the visual? Great, this one is here a 6 strap garter. One strap on the front of each leg, one on the outside of each leg and finally one strap on the back of each leg.

Did you catch the difference there? Got a good feel for the two types? Let’s continue then shall we?

…and the answer is….

A 4 suspender garter belt has 4 points of contact with your stockings and a 6 suspender garter belt has 6 points of contact. Therefore the chief difference is greater control.

Phew, feel better now that you know the answer?

Nah, I’m just kidding, there are more differences. Four belt garters have plenty of control, so don’t go thinking they’re the loosey, goosey cousin. They do a fine job and they are sometimes more appropriate because there is less to show through light or flimsy material.

The 6 strap garter belts always look a little more dominatrix-ish and control-ish to me. I love the powerful feeling that they give too!

Basically, it all comes down to choice. Do you want to feel all girly and delicate or do you want to feel like a super her? Frankly, I think there is a time and a place for both, so I would recommend having a few of each. After all, a girl loves to have choices.