Hello Swimwear and Lingerie enthusiasts!

Well, today is Thursday and as usual, that means I need to post a “fitting tip thursday” type of post!

The subject of today will be tights, pantyhose, stockings… whatever you want to call them.

….oooooooohkay, I got it out of my system.

Frankly, we all know that tights come with their own special brand of fitting issues. I’m not even going to get into the lack of a universally accepted and dependable sizing system or their extreme fragility…

What I would like to address to today, is how an apple bottomed girl can find tights to fit her shape.

Now generally speaking, an apple bottom body shape refers to a person with a well defined posterior and an itty bitty waist. Apple Bottom women are neither always fat or always thin, they are neither always tall, short or in between. They are just always curvy.

So, what happens when our apple bottom friend goes shopping for tights? The ridiculous size guide will ask for her height and weight. It won’t ask if she is bootylicious. Which I think we can all agree is a major failing of the manufacturers.

After all, tights, while stretchy and clingy, really do have a limit to their elasticity and quite frankly, if the nylon has been stretched to its outerlimits, it will take very little for it to finally pop. Now, if you have ever felt that horrible, tell tale zipper unzipping feeling when your nylons ladder or rip, you know that it will only happen in a very public place when you cannot discreetly remove them.

They will definitely be leaving some unfortunate red marks and indentations that are nothing less than semi permanent scarification.

Not to mention women run an increased risk of getting urinary tract infections, yeast infections, bacterial infections and nerve damage from wearing improperly sized nylons. The nylons are non absorbent, don’t breathe and provide the perfect environment for bacterial to go absolutely haywire in.

Too-tight tights are a definite no no!

You could always check out some of the plus size tights that are out there. Look in Bare Necessities, We love Colors or Stockin Girl for the abundance of choice and perhaps some one on one fitting advice from their customer service folk.

However, keep in mind that in order to get a comfortable fit on your derriere, you may find that they sag on your thighs and knees. So would you rather resembled a constricted boa constricter or a saggy baggy elephant?

Ya, I don’t like the choices either.

So, if the tights manufacturers won’t step up and create nylons for body types or atleast provide more options, what can a girl do?

My solution is of course…… Ta Daahhhhh!

They won’t cut off the air supply to your nether belows, they only have to fit over your legs and are length adjustable if you use a garter belt/suspender belt. The perfect solution right? Not to mention they also feel really great on and add an extra little zip to your step and strut to your confident walk.

What do you think? Did I find a good solution? What has worked for you?



Oh and ps. I am totally coveting a pair of these beauties from Tattoo Socks… how about you?