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Happy Thursday Swimwear and Lingerie Buddies.

…and it really is a very, very happy Thursday for me!!

I received some super-duper phenomenal news yesterday that I am still buzzing about. I WON! I WON! I WON!!! I entered a draw on Twitter for one of the many lingerie purveyors that I follow and I won!!!

How cool is that?

The wonderful folks at @ethicallingerie informed me that I would soon be the proud new owner of a pair of nipple pasties. I’m actually giddy looking at all of their wonderful items and trying to choose.

Check out their website, Saumarez Lingerie and help me choose my prize!

I am stuck between these two.

Le Coeur Noir Pasties

“Beautiful Edwardian antique lace heart pasties, trimmed with a cute black bow and backed with upcycled leather. Secure to the body with lingerie tape. Limited edition boudoir lingerie by Holloway-Smith Noir.”

and these ones:

Bespoke Tassels for a Tie

“Gorgeous heart shaped silk pasties with a black ribbon bow and finished with a vintage sequin and tiny jet bead. Made from an upcycled tie and backed in soft upcycled leather. Unique to Saumarez Lingerie. Secure to the body with lingerie tape. Limited edition boudoir lingerie by Holloway-Smith Noir.”

How cool are they? I love the heart shape and I think the black will look really striking considering my skin hasn’t seen the sun in forever. They are handmade and use upcycled textiles and materials. Fabulous! I will look Hawt and feel good about helping to save the world!

I think I’m most drawn to the silk ones…ahh, but the lace ones are really alluring too. Man I can’t seem to decide…. Which ones would you choose?

Oops, sorry. It’s Fitting Tip Thursday and here I am pratting on about my good pastie luck!. Sorry guys,

It is kinda on topic though. You see, today’s post is all about how to remove those pasties. I know how I do it, but I thought I would check around some of the blogs and things on the internetz and see what other folks were doing.

Man, am I glad I did! There are some real horror stories out there. I don’t want to scare you off, but if done incorrectly, you may become forever embittered towards the honourable pastie and we can’t let that happen.

This lovely blogger had a horrible time with her disposable nipple covers and relates a story of pain, terror and torment. Read on if you never plan to try out nipple pasties.

However, if you think there may have been something else going on there and you are willing to give them a try then I will outline some basic rules and procedures.

The nipple pasties I am speaking about are a bit different than the ones the poor masochistic blogger was dealing with. Those were meant to keep her nipples from showing through her clothing when she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Why nipples showing is such a tragedy, I don’t think I will ever understand. Anyway, the nipple pasties I will be discussing are those like the ones I have just won (Yay for ME!!!).

They are cone shaped and usually have leather or silicone on the inside to which you attach double-sided body tape. They aren’t meant as daily wear to hide nipples, they are meant to titillate, tease and tantalize (Three Cheers for alliteration).

The lovely folks at eHow have created a wonderful list that I will borrow and adjust ever so slightly.


Things You’ll Need
Alcohol wipe
Pasties glue

Clean nipples thoroughly. Make sure that nipples and the surrounding skin are dry and free from oils and lotions. Alcohol wipes are a good way to clean nipples prior to attaching pasties.

Peel off the back of the pasties to reveal a sticky side or apply eyelash glue to the backside of the pastie. Some pasties are designed like a kind of stickers for nipples. Peel off the protective layer to access the sticky side of the pasties. If you are using the glue, try to let it get a bit tacky and half set before applying it to achieve a better adhesion.

Position pasties to cover entire nipple. Make sure nipple is erect to keep pasties from wrinkling later. Stick the underside of the pastie on first, pressing upward. Press lightly on the entire pastie to ensure total attachment. Pasties should stay in place for between four to eight hours, depending on the quality (and price) of the item.

Peel pasties gently off of breast after use. Clean nipple thoroughly to remove stickiness and residue. Pastie glue is necessary to wear the same pair of pasties numerous times.

Lay pasties face down to reuse. Make sure the formerly sticky side is facing upward. Apply pasties glue to the shape of the pastie. Allow glue to lightly dry for ten to fifteen seconds. Attach to nipple as before, holding with even pressure for twenty seconds.

Sounds easy enough right? Have a go and see what you think. For some real inspiration watch some of Dita Von Tease’s performances or Elvira Queen of the Night’s amazeballs ability to twirl her tassels in different directions!!!



PS. I think I’m going to go with the silk pasties. Tough to choose, but I do love a bit of bling now and then.


But Evidently Doesn’t Make Me Any Smarter!

Well, Hi there Swimwear and Lingerie fans. Welcome to Must Have Monday.

How was your weekend? Inspiring? Restful? Elegant? Yah, me neither. I spent the majority of my weekend in one arena or another and I have to tell you, the very pungent aroma of sweaty young men… not so inspiring, elegant or restful.

Frankly, it’s a real relief to be able to escape to my happy place {here, the land of lace, frills, lingerie and happy smiley, non smelly folk!} and immerse myself in some things that will NEVER EVER have that kind of all encompassing stank.

The weather has finally caught up to the calendar month and we actually have some heat coming our way. So, I spent Sunday breaking out all my Spring and Summerish clothes and forgetting about the drabby gray weather while twirling about in my lighter more body conscious styles.

However, while wearing my more body conscious styles, I became more… well… body conscious.

You see, a funny thing happened on the way to the gym. I didn’t really go all that much. At all. For the past few months.

After a very loooooooong winter of heavy sweaters and long draping layers {And too many trips to Tim Hortons for honey crueller Tim Bits}

my wee body is a wee bit, ummm, shall we say less muscular and toned rather than flabby and definitely out of shape. Definitely not so “wee” anymore.

{Damn you Tim Hortons and your damned super tasty, overly addictive, sugary, little calorie bombs!!!} [Shakes a flabby fist in their general direction]

With this in mind, I went shopping for some comfy yet supportive shapewear. I didn’t want to add extra layers with a waist cincher or a girdle. That would defeat the whole purpose of the light and seasonal wardrobe.

I have a little secret about my Must Have Monday that I will share with you, if you if you promise not laugh.

Back to our regularly scheduled post.

I found everything I was looking for all in one package from Intimidea.”The seamless lingerie trade-mark Intimidea has firmly established itself on the Bulgarian market” and apparently right here in Canada too. They are known for their seamless designs and comfortable shapewear.

A panty with tummy control. It’s styled with a full back and with a reinforced control panel that isn’t overly restrictive . The top is extended and seems to reach all the way up to my sternum.

They are a seamless design, so there shouldn’t be any rubbing or chafing to annoy me, which is essential for keeping the too sweaty/hot/restricted/crabby Maggie at bay. Trust me, it’s in everyone’s best interest to appease THAT beeyotch.

The material is light, stretchy and so comfy that I would have forgotten I was wearing them… if it weren’t for one small issue.

My apparently stunted and short torso.

Yup, my dwarfish top half is so small that I could probably extend the control top right over my head like some creepy lingerie-clad robber, or I could wear them like a stretchy control top mock turtleneck with no arm holes.

Sadly, the top of the undies kept rolling over and bunching and being a general nuisance, exactly the opposite of the smoothing and controlling that the label promised. GAH curse you genetics that gave me big boobs and a puny torso.

So, I’m faced with the issue of needing to go down a size (and potentially earn some super-grippy, visible panty lines) or doing some DIY home repair and modifying them for a proper fit. The fabric is a microfiber, so it’s unlikely to unravel, however, it can be a real pain-in-the-hoooha to sew…. so….not to mention, taking a seamless garment and adding in a seam, would be the height of bizarre.

Hmm, not really sure what I should do. I could always just tuck it into my bra and pretend it is an all-in-one shapewear item. I really do love the feel of it and is smoothes everywhere I need it too (and then adds bumps where I previously had none).

Anyhoo, my Must Have Monday kinda fell through, but I really do need a proper shapewear thingy.



What? The secret I was going to tell you?

Oh… ummm, well you may think less of me… I’m not sure I want that to happen.

You PROMISE not to laugh at me?

Okay, fine.

I couldn’t ever hold out on you….

I totally bought the wrong pair. I got these:

Yup, totally bought maternity undies!!!

In my defense… they are really comfy and cozy and my torso, probably isn’t as stunted as I thought… the undies are just VERY generous to accommodate an enlarging belly. Yup, I’m apparently that dense AND… I’m not taking them back I’m keeping them!

Good talk.


Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Folk {waves enthusiastically}

Today’s Must-Have-Monday item is a handy little waistcincher garter belt combination from Change lingerie’s Charade Spring 2011 Collection.

This stunning little number features the type of control and smoothing that you would expect from shapewear with the added benefit of suspended garters. The addition of the garters at the base of the waistcincher allows me to avoid having to double up on the number of garments I need to wear on my waist and hips. Voila! Lingerie pulling double duty… Brilliant!

I happened to stumble upon this little number and was blown away by the quality and attention to detail. The elasticized nylon fabric is deliciously luxurious and has that nice bit of give that prevents the piece from pulling too much while shaping my waist. There are seven hook and eye closures along the back that ensure that it won’t spontaneously ‘pop’ open. The four garters descend from the scalloped bottom edge and feature cinches (like on the shoulder strap of a bra) so that you can customize their length.

The front panel is detailed with lace work and blinged out ribbon which conceal the control panel for your stomach. There are eight ribs running along the length that give the waistcincher it’s chutzpah and keep your middle section in smooth form.

It is sized small to extra-large, but tends to fit on the smaller, tighter side, so I would advise you to try one on before you buy.

Change is a new lingerie line to me and I (of course) had to go online and check out their other products and see if all of their collection is as praise-worthy as my nifty little waistcincher.

They are a relatively new Danish company and have been producing their sumptuous lingerie for the European market for the past 13 years. They have only recently begun developing the North American market with stores in several major Canadian cities and I particularly like their swimwear and am looking forward to seeing more of their designs.



Annnnnnd, we’re back!

Hello lovely readers. I’m so glad you have tuned into Swimwear and Lingerie today, we get to crack open the next installment of our riveting |baskit| underwear review. Our last reviewer was the wonderful Rich. He had nothing but positive things to say about his experiences while wearing underwear priced above $3. Will our next prestigious reviewer be as impressed? Lets find out. Step up to the ‘mic’ Paul and tell us about your nether-belows and the new undies.

Hi there, my name is Paul and it has been 16 hours since my last online underwear shopping venture. Pfft. Pfft. (looks around) Is this thing on?

Seriously folks, I am a 29 year old man with a true appreciation for the finer things in life. Sadly, I chose to be a professional dancer, so I can’t really afford them, but thanks to the internet and occasional free shipping, I can buy them, one meager paycheque at a time. I think Maggie chose her reviewers well (pats self on back), as I’m uniquely qualified to be a reviewer of underwear (I have amassed so much of it), of course, I would think that wouldn’t I? I am a bit biased. I wasn’t always like this though (obsessed with designer underwear, not overly modest), I used to be just like the last guy, Rich, at one time. I figured mens underwear was just what your mom bought you and as long as it was clean, if and or when you were hit by an ambulance than it was good.

Fast forward 20 years to a career that necessitates my wearing lycra frequently and you will understand my overwhelming interest in finding the perfect pair of underwear (usually briefs) that won’t bunch up and will actually breathe and not make my package look like it’s trying to kiss my ankles. When I am dancing in a hip hop music video or concert, I’m usually kicking the hip hop style and supposed to partially showcase my underwear. Well, the top half any way, I’m not that kind of professional dancer.

I looked the boxer underwear over and tried to see how it was different than some of the other types I owned. They looked smaller then my usual ones and seemed designed to fit a bit more snugly to the body. The color was doable and not too loud or graphic. The seams were all nice flat seams so they shouldn’t leave those lines and indentations and the pouch appeared to be extra stretchy and sewn to keep everything front and center. They didn’t look too much different than my usual Ginch Gonchs. I decided to throw the boxer briefs in my suitcase for an out of town job I had to work. I figured, new city, new undies, why not?

First things first, the |baskit| Body Art design is pretty wicked. I had forgotten I was wearing these, until the other guys noticed them in the dressing room. They all thought I had binged and bought myself some outrageously priced Ed Hardy boxers. I kinda felt like an ambassador telling every one all about how I came by them and why I was wearing them. A lot of the time, mens underwear features some pretty stupid and over the top designs or hokey old stereotypical jokes about men and their junk. These are actually fairly cool. The print is kind of oriental and bears further scrutiny. Sadly no one really got up close and personal to scrutinize them during my review. Meh, probably couldn’t report on it, if they did any way. I’m a Gentleman after all.

My jeans were sufficiently baggy to allow the waistband and the top portion to poke out during our rehearsals. The choreographer pulled me aside at break time to ask me about them. Said he had noticed the design right away and wondered where I got them. So, I launched into my whole “I am reviewing them for a friend’s website spiel” and noticed that I now had a whole bunch of the dancers, male and female and some of the stage crew crowding around to find out what was going on. Geez, I always thought I was a decent dancer, but my undies actually managed to upstage me that day. Harsh.

After work, we all went back to the hotel and hung out and planned the rest of the evening. It was a weeknight, so partying was out, especially since we had an 8am call for a full dress rehearsal. We decided to go for a quick bite and then just lounge around playing a friendly game of cards. I don’t know about all of you, but one of the things I hate most when I travel for work, is that displaced feeling. When you always have that nagging feeling that something just isn’t right. I usually have that and it takes awhile for me to relax with new places and things. It’s weird, but I completely forgot I was wearing new underwear. Right out of the package, they went on and just molded to my body. It was one less thing to worry about. The very best praise I can give the underwear, is that I kept forgetting I was wearing them, but nobody else did. The running joke of the night was that my undies were more famous than I was. Thanks guys, nice touch.

By Bloozecruz

By Bloozecruz

We settled in to my buddy’s room to play some cards and have a few drinks. I was doing okay, hadn’t lost much money yet, of course I had spent more than I should have the other night online (man, I wish I had known about |baskit| then… could have saved myself a lot of money and got better styling and comfort) so, I was playing it safe.

My buddy Dave decided that we were behaving like old men and that we needed to have more fun if we were going to be in New York for a few nights. They decided on dare poker. Personally, I was voting for a good movie on the tube (Hey! I’m 29, unlike these young punks… I’m feeling my age a bit). Dare poker is regular poker, but with a dare attached to the money. A kind of extra gift and extra humiliation for the final players in the hand. Basically, in the last round of betting, you have to bet, call or fold and add to that your dare. The guy with the winning hand gets to decide on the dare and the losers who were in the hand to the bitter end have to make good or pay up a grievance. With a group of dancers you have to know that they are pretty creative when it comes to some of the dares.

Now, a reasonable man would have thrown his hand in and played the “old guy” card and gone to bed. Apparently I was not feeling like a reasonable man. I blame the undies. They gave me a false sense of security and power. The pouch on the front keeps all your goods in place and kind of cradles them. You don’t get that cramped kind of squishy feel that some of the designer brands tend have. The waistband sits low and is really wide and cozy and the legs of the boxers are comfy and don’t cut off the circulation. So, clearly, I am not responsible for what happened.

I had a hand that was one of those once in a lifetime Poker events. Some of the guys had already folded and it was down to myself and four others. I was feeling pretty confident and more than a little cocky. The final round came up and we all made our dares and threw in our cash. There were some really evil scenarios being presented, but I wasn’t overly worried, I had the cards to make the other guys weep or at the very least have to go down to the lobby and perform Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusal”, a capella in the main foyer of our hotel. Snerk, I really do enjoy a good game of dare poker, provided I’m not the butt of the joke.

I think you can see where this is going, right?

So, long story short, my cards failed me, I had to go swim in the fountain, in the lobby of the hotel, in my fancy new boxers until a stranger talked to me. Luckily, I wasn’t wearing anything embarassing (head nod to Leroy who regrettably had chosen to wear jock style underwear) and the lovely Cynthia was kind enough to ask me what the heck I was doing?

So there you have it folks, these boxers are pretty enough and tasteful enough to help complete strangers feel comfortable enough to approach semi nekkid men in hotel fountains and buy them a drink at the bar before the hotel staff intervenes with a fictitious dress code but real bylaw infringement.

Would I review |baskit| Underwear again? Absolutely! I got a date and won the next two hands of poker and got to watch a group of young men completely destroy the lyrics and harmony of “It’s Not Unusual”. All in all, a good day. Frankly, in these underwear, anything can happen.

Giggle, snerk, did you have to explain who Tom Jones was? Thanks so much for the review and way to take one for the team Paul. You are a truly committed reviewer.

Alright, swimwear and lingerie readers, don’t forget to tune in next time to hear what our Stay at Home Dad, Scott, had to say about his experiences wearing the |baskit|Ribbed Jock Brief. He learned the hard way that preschoolers and hockey players say the darndest things.