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Good Morning Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

I absolutely adore when marketing departments are able to nail an ad slogan, don’t you? So I was completely giglified when I read about PACT. Their slogan is “Change Starts With Your Underwear!”… Bwa haa haaa haa. That is just brilliant isn’t it?

This is a company that is definitely attuned to their customers needs and interests! This is the underwear for the smart consumer. The type of person that wants to purchase from fiscally and environmentally responsible companies that examine every single facet of their operation with an eye to reducing waste, environmentally damaging processing, packaging and posting.

PACT underwear comes packaged in it’s own reusable fabric bag made from off cuts of their products. These are then shipped in a 100% compostable bright green shipping package. So not only do you get some cool fancy pants, made from super soft and comfy organic cotton, but you also get a handy dandy reusable bag and the chance to pat yourself on the back for making your butt and the world feel a little bit better!

Both the men’s and the womens underwear styles come in tons of shapes, styles and colors because as they say themselves, “PACT works with artists and designers to create some beautiful and innovative textile prints. We believe that organic clothing doesn’t have to be that drab oatmeal color. We love color! But, certain inks and dyes can be environmentally damaging. PACT does not use inks or dyes that contain heavy metals and purposefully does not make any garments in optic white because of the harsh bleaches required to achieve a bright white.”

The part that I adore the most is that they make a trunk style for both men and women. Have you met the trunk yet? It is like a men’s boxer brief style but shorter at the legs and lower at the hips. The perfect fit as far as I am concerned! The girls just don’t get that adorable little Y-front that the men have but never use.

But you don’t need to take just my word for it… this company has been getting lots of attention and exposure from the Wall Street Journal, The Today Show and The New York Times.

I adore everything about this company… now I just need to get my hands on a pair of their undies to see if they really do hold their shape as well as they say (5% Elastane) and if they help me to swing from the trees in such a fun and elegant way as the lady in the first photo.




Alrightey Folks, here we go… it’s the posting you’ve all been waiting for… Scott’s adventures with A$$less undies.

Take it away Scott:
Hello there Swimwear and Lingerie readers. My name is Scott and I am your victim of the day. Just kidding, this was a memorable experience and quite frankly has been more than inspiring for my dear wife.

I was given the |baskit| Ribbed Jock Briefs to test out and test them out I did. I am a Stay-at-Home-Dad, so I am the one in charge of the morning school runs and sporting/arts/library activity attendee. I started my morning with a playful little smack and a “Who’s your Daddy?” from my wife as she headed out to work. With both sets of cheeks turning red I noticed my preschooler staring at me. He asked why I was wearing my jock when I wasn’t playing hockey. So, I had to explain that these were my fancy underwear and that I was going to write a review of what I thought of them. He said (and I quote) “Huh”, and we carried on with our morning. I assumed he had forgotten all about it….riiiight.

I got the baby up and ready to go and we hit the school yard with plenty of time. I stood with all the other parents as we waited for the morning bell to signal that we could enter the school. I had of course forgotten that I was wearing the fabulous new undies until my son giggled, slapped my butt and said “Who’s your Daddy?” Now that every one was staring at us and killing themselves laughing, I got to explain to him that it was funny once when Mommy did it, but that it wasn’t really appropriate for the school yard. Then I got to explain to all the smirking adults present that I was reviewing a new pair of underwear for Swimwear and Lingerie and that my wife had been having a little fun in honor of my new underwear. At which point, my dear son piped up that the new briefs were so fancy, that they didn’t even have a bum….. Thank the underwear Gods for that school bell. We raced in got him settled and raced out. Phew, this reviewing stuff was a little more tricky than I had initially realized.

The day went by fast, our baby had her naps and ate her meals without once mentioning my new skivvies, which I really appreciated (of course, she is still an infant and can’t speak yet, but hey! I’ll take what I can get). I actually felt like I was going commando. The undies didn’t bunch or bind up on me anywhere and quite frankly the lack of posterior coverage really didn’t take much getting used to. I felt contained and able to move around unimpeded and I was completely comfortable. The waist band stayed put and I can say with absolute authority that there is no chance of getting a wedgie in these!

I was able to pick up my darling son without too much underwear talk and we zipped over for our regular gymnastics lesson. I had, of course, forgotten that at least half of his little preschool buddies also attended the same class, so I got to wax poetic about mens underwear and various pros and cons of the different styles. The Moms were pretty intrigued with it all and I think at least half of the Dad’s at the preschool are going to be getting a pair of these in their stocking this Christmas.

After Gymnastics, we went to the library to drop off our overdue movies and books and barely managed to avoid another underwear discussion with the guy at the urinal in the men’s room. From there, we went home for dinner and I handed the kids over to my darling wife, grabbed my equipment and headed to play hockey.

Yup… you read that right, I went to hockey, without changing first. I forgot I had them on until I got into the dressing room. They really are that comfortable. A kind of silence fell around me as I was getting changed into my kit. It took a bit before I noticed, because I was talking to my buddy, but when he didn’t answer, I clued in. I stood tall and proud and said, “yup, that’s right. I’m wearing jock underwear. If Zach Galifianakis can do it, then so can I!” The guys immediately started quoting the best lines from the movie “The Hangover” and poof, I was a semi celebrity. Game went well and I came home to a little lady who had been thinking about me all day. Long story short… these undies are great. They hold the junk in, encourage happiness in the world and help a guy get through the day with a swagger and a smile. What more can you ask for?

Thanks Scott, excellent review! Our final review will be courtesy of our dear friend James who will be putting the |baskit| Snugfit Seamless briefs through their paces. Tune in next week to see how a Robotics Engineer will approach an underwear review.



Annnnnnd, we’re back!

Hello lovely readers. I’m so glad you have tuned into Swimwear and Lingerie today, we get to crack open the next installment of our riveting |baskit| underwear review. Our last reviewer was the wonderful Rich. He had nothing but positive things to say about his experiences while wearing underwear priced above $3. Will our next prestigious reviewer be as impressed? Lets find out. Step up to the ‘mic’ Paul and tell us about your nether-belows and the new undies.

Hi there, my name is Paul and it has been 16 hours since my last online underwear shopping venture. Pfft. Pfft. (looks around) Is this thing on?

Seriously folks, I am a 29 year old man with a true appreciation for the finer things in life. Sadly, I chose to be a professional dancer, so I can’t really afford them, but thanks to the internet and occasional free shipping, I can buy them, one meager paycheque at a time. I think Maggie chose her reviewers well (pats self on back), as I’m uniquely qualified to be a reviewer of underwear (I have amassed so much of it), of course, I would think that wouldn’t I? I am a bit biased. I wasn’t always like this though (obsessed with designer underwear, not overly modest), I used to be just like the last guy, Rich, at one time. I figured mens underwear was just what your mom bought you and as long as it was clean, if and or when you were hit by an ambulance than it was good.

Fast forward 20 years to a career that necessitates my wearing lycra frequently and you will understand my overwhelming interest in finding the perfect pair of underwear (usually briefs) that won’t bunch up and will actually breathe and not make my package look like it’s trying to kiss my ankles. When I am dancing in a hip hop music video or concert, I’m usually kicking the hip hop style and supposed to partially showcase my underwear. Well, the top half any way, I’m not that kind of professional dancer.

I looked the boxer underwear over and tried to see how it was different than some of the other types I owned. They looked smaller then my usual ones and seemed designed to fit a bit more snugly to the body. The color was doable and not too loud or graphic. The seams were all nice flat seams so they shouldn’t leave those lines and indentations and the pouch appeared to be extra stretchy and sewn to keep everything front and center. They didn’t look too much different than my usual Ginch Gonchs. I decided to throw the boxer briefs in my suitcase for an out of town job I had to work. I figured, new city, new undies, why not?

First things first, the |baskit| Body Art design is pretty wicked. I had forgotten I was wearing these, until the other guys noticed them in the dressing room. They all thought I had binged and bought myself some outrageously priced Ed Hardy boxers. I kinda felt like an ambassador telling every one all about how I came by them and why I was wearing them. A lot of the time, mens underwear features some pretty stupid and over the top designs or hokey old stereotypical jokes about men and their junk. These are actually fairly cool. The print is kind of oriental and bears further scrutiny. Sadly no one really got up close and personal to scrutinize them during my review. Meh, probably couldn’t report on it, if they did any way. I’m a Gentleman after all.

My jeans were sufficiently baggy to allow the waistband and the top portion to poke out during our rehearsals. The choreographer pulled me aside at break time to ask me about them. Said he had noticed the design right away and wondered where I got them. So, I launched into my whole “I am reviewing them for a friend’s website spiel” and noticed that I now had a whole bunch of the dancers, male and female and some of the stage crew crowding around to find out what was going on. Geez, I always thought I was a decent dancer, but my undies actually managed to upstage me that day. Harsh.

After work, we all went back to the hotel and hung out and planned the rest of the evening. It was a weeknight, so partying was out, especially since we had an 8am call for a full dress rehearsal. We decided to go for a quick bite and then just lounge around playing a friendly game of cards. I don’t know about all of you, but one of the things I hate most when I travel for work, is that displaced feeling. When you always have that nagging feeling that something just isn’t right. I usually have that and it takes awhile for me to relax with new places and things. It’s weird, but I completely forgot I was wearing new underwear. Right out of the package, they went on and just molded to my body. It was one less thing to worry about. The very best praise I can give the underwear, is that I kept forgetting I was wearing them, but nobody else did. The running joke of the night was that my undies were more famous than I was. Thanks guys, nice touch.

By Bloozecruz

By Bloozecruz

We settled in to my buddy’s room to play some cards and have a few drinks. I was doing okay, hadn’t lost much money yet, of course I had spent more than I should have the other night online (man, I wish I had known about |baskit| then… could have saved myself a lot of money and got better styling and comfort) so, I was playing it safe.

My buddy Dave decided that we were behaving like old men and that we needed to have more fun if we were going to be in New York for a few nights. They decided on dare poker. Personally, I was voting for a good movie on the tube (Hey! I’m 29, unlike these young punks… I’m feeling my age a bit). Dare poker is regular poker, but with a dare attached to the money. A kind of extra gift and extra humiliation for the final players in the hand. Basically, in the last round of betting, you have to bet, call or fold and add to that your dare. The guy with the winning hand gets to decide on the dare and the losers who were in the hand to the bitter end have to make good or pay up a grievance. With a group of dancers you have to know that they are pretty creative when it comes to some of the dares.

Now, a reasonable man would have thrown his hand in and played the “old guy” card and gone to bed. Apparently I was not feeling like a reasonable man. I blame the undies. They gave me a false sense of security and power. The pouch on the front keeps all your goods in place and kind of cradles them. You don’t get that cramped kind of squishy feel that some of the designer brands tend have. The waistband sits low and is really wide and cozy and the legs of the boxers are comfy and don’t cut off the circulation. So, clearly, I am not responsible for what happened.

I had a hand that was one of those once in a lifetime Poker events. Some of the guys had already folded and it was down to myself and four others. I was feeling pretty confident and more than a little cocky. The final round came up and we all made our dares and threw in our cash. There were some really evil scenarios being presented, but I wasn’t overly worried, I had the cards to make the other guys weep or at the very least have to go down to the lobby and perform Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusal”, a capella in the main foyer of our hotel. Snerk, I really do enjoy a good game of dare poker, provided I’m not the butt of the joke.

I think you can see where this is going, right?

So, long story short, my cards failed me, I had to go swim in the fountain, in the lobby of the hotel, in my fancy new boxers until a stranger talked to me. Luckily, I wasn’t wearing anything embarassing (head nod to Leroy who regrettably had chosen to wear jock style underwear) and the lovely Cynthia was kind enough to ask me what the heck I was doing?

So there you have it folks, these boxers are pretty enough and tasteful enough to help complete strangers feel comfortable enough to approach semi nekkid men in hotel fountains and buy them a drink at the bar before the hotel staff intervenes with a fictitious dress code but real bylaw infringement.

Would I review |baskit| Underwear again? Absolutely! I got a date and won the next two hands of poker and got to watch a group of young men completely destroy the lyrics and harmony of “It’s Not Unusual”. All in all, a good day. Frankly, in these underwear, anything can happen.

Giggle, snerk, did you have to explain who Tom Jones was? Thanks so much for the review and way to take one for the team Paul. You are a truly committed reviewer.

Alright, swimwear and lingerie readers, don’t forget to tune in next time to hear what our Stay at Home Dad, Scott, had to say about his experiences wearing the |baskit|Ribbed Jock Brief. He learned the hard way that preschoolers and hockey players say the darndest things.


Actioncool Kept Him Cool

Well, hello lovely Readers.

Today we will be hearing all about the adventures of our first test model Rich as he wore a pair of |baskit| Actioncool Low Rise Trunk undies.

Here is a visual of the test product.



Take it away Rich!

Well, Hi there Swimwear and Lingerie enthusiasts. First off, let me say that this is quite possibly the strangest thing that a woman has asked me to do recently. I have always considered myself to be a strong supporter of swimwear and lingerie, but usually on women. I had never really thought about it for myself, aside from a gag pair of undies with an elephant’s trunk on the front, that I got in my stocking one year. ‘Nuff said about that.

I agreed to test out the undies and figured it would be the same old tightey whiteys that the stores all stock. Then, after mentioning the project to a few people and getting some disturbing accounts of g-strings and restrictive gold lame thongs I went running back to Maggie asking for a little more clarification on what she considered appropriate mens underwear.

After directing me to the |baskit| website and assuaging my fears, she mentioned that this designer underwear would most likely blow mind, since all I had ever worn were Fruit of the Loom type mass produced underwear.

I figured she must have been sniffing the potpourri a little too much. After all, undies are undies right?

So, last week, she turns up on my doorstep with a package and a smile and tells me to give them a whirl and “BE HONEST”. I promised to give the absolute truth and nothing but the truth so help me skivvies.


Chuck "Caveman" Coker

Seriously, this sounds idiotic, but I had an underwear epiphany.

I took them out of the package and had a good look at them. Cotton, kinda stretchy, same basic shape as my usual stuff, if a little smaller than my usual style. Meh, nothing overly mind blowing here…. then I put them on.

They were really light. The little pocket thingy in the front actually cupped my junk bits and pieces. Seriously, there was a lifting and supportive action going on that was refreshingly comforting. I don’t mean to say that my danglers were squished together, because they weren’t, everything was held in place and kept comfortably cool. Which I suppose is where the whole cool part of the Actioncool comes in. Now granted, I didn’t play rugby in them, but I did have to run to catch the train before AND after work and had to have dinner out with my girlfriend’s parents. Tell me you wouldn’t appreciate some cooling undies in those situations!

The waistband sat lower than my usual skivvies and didn’t annoy the heck out of me by constantly trying to fight with the waistband of my pants and, I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but I think that the lower waist band looked better on me too. I was more “super cool computer geek” rather than “that guy with his undies pulled up to his nipples”. {sorry for the visual} No, really, it kinda helped show off all the hard work at the gym a bit better.

The length of the leg was nice too, it didn’t come down too far or ride up too high. Geez, now I sound like Goldilocks. Likewise, the length seemed to stop at the perfect point to make my quads look good, which was certainly a nice surprise. The leg openings were a bit tight, but your mileage may vary. Although I am a geek, I am also a rugby player, so my legs tend to be rather bulky muscle

The color combo was okay and certainly surprised the heck out of my girlfriend, who is used to seeing me in plain solid colors. Incidentally, she really wants a pair of these for herself after seeing how nicely they showed off my physique. I told her to get her own lingerie, these were mine! {Seriously babe, a little lace and ribbon would be a nice change from the granny pants} I would like to think that her reaction and the ensuing fun were completely due to my charm, but hey, who knows? These undies, may just be magical.

Would I buy these for myself? Absolutely. Previously, I would have said, “Nah, undies are undies”, but now, I know that you get what you pay for. These puppies now have pride of place in my drawer and are starring on my holiday gift list.

Well, I guess it is safe to say he rather liked them. Actually, he liked them so much that he has asked to be a test model for any other reviews we undertake in the future. Who would have thought it of our shy computer guy?

Next week, I will be introducing you to my dear friend Paul. He is 29, a professional dancer and will be reviewing |baskit|’s Bodyart Boxer Brief. See what he said about putting these undies through their paces and what a typical young man does when faced with a dare at a poker party while wearing sexy new undies!





We haven’t really been keeping up the male end of the bargain here on Swimwear and Lingerie. The poor fellas have been left with little to no information or guidance on their swimwear and lingerie needs aside from girdles and shapewear.

Well, fear not, we have an all new, all male undie challenge!

baskit underwear,

The wonderful people at |Baskit| have asked us to review some of their new collection; I can’t tell you all how excited I was by the prospect. I quickly lined up several fabulous fellas willing to be guinea pigs in my gotchie experiment. They have taken the not-so-tightey, not-so-whitey pledge of honesty and have promised to put the underwear through the paces to see if it performs up to scratch. I promise to report exactly what they said and give you the low down.

I chose several different types of underwear to get a real feel for the brand and what |Baskit| is offering. We have the snugfitseamless style in brief form, actioncool Low Rise Trunks, bodyart Boxer Brief, and the ribbed Jock Brief.

Each guy was handed a package of underpants and instructed to wear them throughout their busiest day of the week and see if the underwear performed to satisfaction and did all of the amazing things the box said it would. They would then report their experiences to me and tell me if the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

So, our lovely test models were;

Rich, 38 IT Geek, received the actioncool Low Rise Trunks
James, 30, Robotics Geek, received the snugfitseamless Brief Style
Scott, 34, Outdoorsman and General Sports Fanatic,ribbed Jock Brief
and lastly,
Paul, 29, Professional Dancer, received the bodyart Boxer Brief

Check back tomorow to find out who got what and what they thought of it all!



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