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Ayten Gasson logo

Ayten Gasson logo

Hello Swimwear and Lingerie types!

I am super focused today, there will be no tangents or unnecessary poeticizing about my weird knees… I need to tell you about the huge sale going on right now! Ayten Gasson vintage style Lingerie is holding a massive clearout event to make way for their new lines.

Calling it the sale of the century might be a bit silly considering how early we are in this century… but if enthusiasm was any indicator, I would say it’s pretty darn close. The site crashed at least three time times while I was picking and choosing and sizes were selling out right under my nose. I’m really hoping my order went through okay…

Ayten Gasson Daphne_Camisole_sale

Ayten Gasson Daphne_Camisole_sale


I’ve already splurged in a huge way.

Proof- I’ve ordered the Lady M Black Long-Line Bra:

Ayten Gasson Lady_M_Long_Line_Bra

Ayten Gasson Lady_M_Long_Line_Bra

…and the Florence Aqua Bralet:

Ayten Gasson Florence_Aqua_Bralet

Ayten Gasson Florence_Aqua_Bralet

…and the Florence Aqua Knicker:

Ayten Gasson Florence_Aqua_Knicker

Ayten Gasson Florence_Aqua_Knicker

…and the Florence Aqua Babydoll:

Ayten Gasson Florence_Aqua_Babydoll

Ayten Gasson Florence_Aqua_Babydoll

I am so freakin’ excited to check my mail in the two weeks… You’ll see me skipping to the post box everyday and then dejectedly slouching home empty handed until the the best day… Delivery Day!!!!

Anyhoo, that’s why today’s Totally Retro Tuesday on Ayten Gasson is brief… get thee to her sale or forever be hugely disappointed… the prices are unbelievable and items were selling out as I was shopping! Don’t miss out because you hesitate. Seize the Day or at least seize the high end, luxury, silk lingerie!




Working Your Merkin

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

Happy Thursday my dear Swimwear and Lingerie fanatics.

For today’s Fitting Tip Thursday, I thought I would revisit our previous merkin talk in the Julyna post and give you my “Top Three Tips” about the putting on, wearing and taking off of your lovely little merkin.

{side note: Doesn’t a merkin sound like the so-ugly-it’s-cute cousin of a warthog? Seriously… awwww, look at the ittle, wittle merkin…}

He thinks he's cute shhh don't tell him the truth

He thinks he's cute shhh don't tell him the truth

Right, so first things first. We all know that having double-sided tape stuck to hair (anywhere on your body, not JUST there-ish) is going to cause some pulling and discomfort. So, the first rule is obviously:

#1. Don’t try to attach your merkin to your pubic hair… it won’t hold uniformly, it’ll irritate the heck out of you and definitely not inspire thoughts of sensuality.Also, unlike a bandaid, the old grit your teeth and pull super-fast doesn’t work and could even end-up ripping and tearing the delicate skin and tissues in the area and wrecking your merkin.

Irritated Woman, You Know Why

Irritated Woman, You Know Why

Now may be the time to try out some closely cropped pubic styles like the Charlie Chaplin or perhaps the Highway to Heaven (AKA The Landing Strip)

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

Trying to rock a merkin and a full-on, retro,’70’s-style bush is right out!

Which brings me to our next rule. If you’re going to get waxed, sugared, lasered, shaved, plucked, trimmed or anything having to do with styling your nether-below frizz, you may want to consider scheduling your costumery for later on in the week.

Sherry Britton

Sherry Britton skillful wardrobe choice to hide merkin-less state

Rule #2: Tender skin that has recently been depiliated will not take kindly to double-sided tape. You’re just asking for a serious rash or inflamation and nothing kills the mood faster than fire crotch… just ask Lindsey Lohan.

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan

When you’re wearing your lovely merkin, you may want to frolic and cavort about in only your merkin (and potentially the matching pasties if you bought the full ensemble) or you may want to wear it underneath your regular clothes for that secretive and beguiling type of fun that can only come from surprise lingerie.



Which is all well and good, until you suddenly realize that you didn’t attach the merkin properly and it has now slipped and re-adhered itself to a different, potentially less fun, spot. Voila Rule # 3!

Rule #3. When attaching your merkin to your body, it may be best to wear loose fitting clothing over top that will not rub or force it to bend or move around. It’s attached to an area with a whole lot of nerve endings that are going to let you know pretty darn quickly if it isn’t staying in place. Test it first and be sure to press firmly to ensure a good seal of the tape, both to your body and the merkin.

…and there you have it my darlings. The top three things to consider when attempting to wear a merkin. Are you ready to try? Have you decided how you’re going to style yourself for Julyna? I think I’m going to be rocking my initial… should be fun trying to get it legible and then maintain it for the month… at the moment I’m still trying to find a “stylist”, AKA a waxer, with creativity and a good sense of humour. Shame they won’t do threading for the lady bits… so much gentler and more precise.



Margie Hart

Margie Hart

Gilded Lillie Silk Bra with Hand Painted Beaded Flowers, Toad Lillie

Gilded Lillie Silk Bra with Hand Painted Beaded Flowers, Toad Lillie

Happy Monday Swimwear and Lingerie Friends!

As usual, it is Must-Have-Monday today and I am really excited to show you what I choose because it was a heck of a struggle for me, as it is every week. I managed to narrow it down and choose a single designer to pick from, but then I got all waffley as I looked through all the different offerings on the website. (Typical I know!)

Maybe I’ll show you the ones, I really wanted to put up today first, just so you can understand the herculean effort I had to go through to choose.

Toad Lillie

Toad Lillie

Yup, I was playing around on Toad Lillie’s website and coveting all the wonderful handmade lingerie.

Which ones you may ask? Glad you did. I’m always happy to share my obsessions and who wouldn’t be obsessed with handmade lingerie? “All Lillies are handmade to order by the designer using couture construction techniques. Each piece usually ships within 7-10 business days.”

Okay, these are the ones I was completely torn over;

The Girl is a Vamp Smoky Lilac Silk and Lace Bra

The Girl is a Vamp Smoky Lilac Silk and Lace Bra

I know right?

But wait…you haven’t even seen the very best part of it yet! Check the rear view;

The Girl is a vamp Naughty Lace Edged Silk High Waisted Panties

The Girl is a vamp Naughty Lace Edged Silk High Waisted Panties

Phenomenal right? I adore that little peekaboo in the back.

Kinda makes you wonder what I DID choose to showcase doesn’t it?

Well, with no further ado, please cast your adoring eyes on this fabulous set. {yes… I totally broke my own rule AGAIN and am featuring a lingerie ‘outfit’ instead of a single piece… but, but, they’re just so damn pretty together!!! C’mon, you know you totally would do it too! Sheesh, judgey crowd}

Toad Lillie yes tease bra

Toad Lillie yes tease bra

Isn’t it gorgeous? I just love the sexy little ruffle on the quarter cup bra. The words elegant and flirty jump to mind when I look at it. Here is how Laurie Shapiro describes her ‘Yes Tease! Frilly Silk Chiffon Quarter Cup Bra’;

“Cheeky quarter cup silk bra with a playful chiffon ruffled edge. Your nipple will just barely peek out above fully lined underwire stretch silk charmeuse cups.

Silk charmeuse and plush lingerie elastic straps are fully adjustable. Adjustable hook and eye closure at back. Couture construction includes narrow rolled hems, edgestitched straps and understitched facings.”

But wait that’s not all! {said in my best uber-perky and elegantly deep, tv announcer voice}

Toad Lillie Yes Tease Panties

Toad Lillie Yes Tease Panties

Doesn’t the silk just scream out to be touched? It looks so comfy and light and airy and, and,oh fine I’ll say it…. silky!

“Flirty silk bikini panties with playful chiffon frill at the hips. Top stitched silk lining creates a diamond motif ending with a sassy ribbon bow. Silk charmeuse stretches to hug your hips. Very figure flattering.

Couture construction includes french seams, narrow rolled hem, and silk gusset for a truly sumptuous feeling.”

Great choice right? But would you have made the same one? I was really torn by the smoky lilac colour of the first set I showed you, but I am a total sucker for quarter cups so styling beat out colour today!

Toad Lillie always has plenty of gorgeous colours to choose from and I love that she doesn’t shy away from combining bright colours with some really dramatic details like ruching and frills.



Happy Thursday Swimwear and Lingerie Buddies.

…and it really is a very, very happy Thursday for me!!

I received some super-duper phenomenal news yesterday that I am still buzzing about. I WON! I WON! I WON!!! I entered a draw on Twitter for one of the many lingerie purveyors that I follow and I won!!!

How cool is that?

The wonderful folks at @ethicallingerie informed me that I would soon be the proud new owner of a pair of nipple pasties. I’m actually giddy looking at all of their wonderful items and trying to choose.

Check out their website, Saumarez Lingerie and help me choose my prize!

I am stuck between these two.

Le Coeur Noir Pasties

“Beautiful Edwardian antique lace heart pasties, trimmed with a cute black bow and backed with upcycled leather. Secure to the body with lingerie tape. Limited edition boudoir lingerie by Holloway-Smith Noir.”

and these ones:

Bespoke Tassels for a Tie

“Gorgeous heart shaped silk pasties with a black ribbon bow and finished with a vintage sequin and tiny jet bead. Made from an upcycled tie and backed in soft upcycled leather. Unique to Saumarez Lingerie. Secure to the body with lingerie tape. Limited edition boudoir lingerie by Holloway-Smith Noir.”

How cool are they? I love the heart shape and I think the black will look really striking considering my skin hasn’t seen the sun in forever. They are handmade and use upcycled textiles and materials. Fabulous! I will look Hawt and feel good about helping to save the world!

I think I’m most drawn to the silk ones…ahh, but the lace ones are really alluring too. Man I can’t seem to decide…. Which ones would you choose?

Oops, sorry. It’s Fitting Tip Thursday and here I am pratting on about my good pastie luck!. Sorry guys,

It is kinda on topic though. You see, today’s post is all about how to remove those pasties. I know how I do it, but I thought I would check around some of the blogs and things on the internetz and see what other folks were doing.

Man, am I glad I did! There are some real horror stories out there. I don’t want to scare you off, but if done incorrectly, you may become forever embittered towards the honourable pastie and we can’t let that happen.

This lovely blogger had a horrible time with her disposable nipple covers and relates a story of pain, terror and torment. Read on if you never plan to try out nipple pasties.

However, if you think there may have been something else going on there and you are willing to give them a try then I will outline some basic rules and procedures.

The nipple pasties I am speaking about are a bit different than the ones the poor masochistic blogger was dealing with. Those were meant to keep her nipples from showing through her clothing when she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Why nipples showing is such a tragedy, I don’t think I will ever understand. Anyway, the nipple pasties I will be discussing are those like the ones I have just won (Yay for ME!!!).

They are cone shaped and usually have leather or silicone on the inside to which you attach double-sided body tape. They aren’t meant as daily wear to hide nipples, they are meant to titillate, tease and tantalize (Three Cheers for alliteration).

The lovely folks at eHow have created a wonderful list that I will borrow and adjust ever so slightly.


Things You’ll Need
Alcohol wipe
Pasties glue

Clean nipples thoroughly. Make sure that nipples and the surrounding skin are dry and free from oils and lotions. Alcohol wipes are a good way to clean nipples prior to attaching pasties.

Peel off the back of the pasties to reveal a sticky side or apply eyelash glue to the backside of the pastie. Some pasties are designed like a kind of stickers for nipples. Peel off the protective layer to access the sticky side of the pasties. If you are using the glue, try to let it get a bit tacky and half set before applying it to achieve a better adhesion.

Position pasties to cover entire nipple. Make sure nipple is erect to keep pasties from wrinkling later. Stick the underside of the pastie on first, pressing upward. Press lightly on the entire pastie to ensure total attachment. Pasties should stay in place for between four to eight hours, depending on the quality (and price) of the item.

Peel pasties gently off of breast after use. Clean nipple thoroughly to remove stickiness and residue. Pastie glue is necessary to wear the same pair of pasties numerous times.

Lay pasties face down to reuse. Make sure the formerly sticky side is facing upward. Apply pasties glue to the shape of the pastie. Allow glue to lightly dry for ten to fifteen seconds. Attach to nipple as before, holding with even pressure for twenty seconds.

Sounds easy enough right? Have a go and see what you think. For some real inspiration watch some of Dita Von Tease’s performances or Elvira Queen of the Night’s amazeballs ability to twirl her tassels in different directions!!!



PS. I think I’m going to go with the silk pasties. Tough to choose, but I do love a bit of bling now and then.

Happy Spring Swimwear and Lingerie Fans.

My outdoor thermometer is steadily rising and the flowers in my front garden are gearing up for a fullscale bloom. I already have the sweetest little crocuses blooming and my narcissus, lilies and tulips are just waiting for the perfect moment to make their colourful explosions.

Speaking of colour explosions, all the lingerie designers have obviously been anticipating Spring’s arrival in a huge way! Their websites are a visual riot of spring colours and tones and are as beautiful as a Spring garden or bouquet.

I love it!

Another really nice trend I noticed was the sheer prevalence of tap pants being offered this season. What’s a tap pant you may ask?

I’m so glad you asked because that’s our topic for today’s “Totally Vintage Tuesday” post.

The Secret of the Mysterious Tap Pants

In a time long long ago… there lived a common little article of everyday lingerie that seldom received the interest or fanfare that it deserved… it was known as…
{Da Da Dunnnnn}

The Tap Pant!

…right enough silliness, sorry…I’ve been watching a lot of Monty Python lately and I think it may be having a lasting effect on my story telling abilities….

Okay, the tap pant is basically the same thing as french knickers, dance shorts or side cut shorts.

They are women’s underpants that traditionally sit at or below the waist, although the contemporary styles often feature a hip hugging fit. They are loose and usually not figure hugging, resemble men’s boxers somewhat and have slits at the side to create a free flowing effect.

The term tap pant comes from their popularity with dancers for their modesty and ease of movement. Specifically among the tap dance crowd.

…think how much more pleasant the opening segment of “Blossom” would have been, had she had a nice comfy and modest pair of tap pants on???

Basically, they are the ultimate no wedgie, totally comfy lounge undie. As a firm believer in the need for Mankind to make time for more lounging and generalized comfort in their lives, obviously I would be a huge fan of tap pants!.

Check out some of the gorgeous styles being offered on Etsy right now…

Or, if you love to sew up your own things and play around a bit here is an example of some one who saw tap pants and couldn’t live without a pair of her own.

Well, there you have it my buds. Tap pants…who knew, right?



Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Enthusiasts.

Did every one enjoy their long weekend? Were you able to grab yourself lots of rest and relaxation or did you use the time to catch up on everything cluttering up your to do list?

I had a marvelous weekend! Slept in, enjoyed some family time, enjoyed some ‘me’ time… add in the massive amounts of chocolate I consumed and I’m sure you can understand why my weekend was just perfect.

Actually, the sheer amount of chocolate and jellies that I consumed kinda helped me to choose my “Must-Have Monday” item for today’s post. I was thinking I wanted something super comfortable, highly luxurious, but also not too revealing or body conscious.

Et voila, I found it! May I direct your attention to the following picture? A 100% silk, handmade teddy from Ayton Gasson.

Isn’t it divine?

It’s from Ayton’s Elizabeth collection of handmade lingerie. It comes in both plum and olive. I have hazel eyes so either would work well with my colouring, but I adore the olive tone.

The description of the teddy on her site is perfect and just drips with decadence and those luxurious touches that can only come from handmade lingerie;

“Our signature silk teddy is perfect for bringing vintage glamour to your lingerie wardrobe. The silk sits beautifully next to the skin and with gorgeous Nottingham lace ruffles along the cups this teddy oozes feminine sensuality. This teddy comes in a flattering olive green, in sizes small, medium and large.”

Perfect for my slightly chocolatey-increased figure wouldn’t you agree?

Oh, wait, have I introduced you to Ayton Gasson yet? Shoot, sorry, I got a bit carried away in my “Must-Covet Monday” way… sorry about that. Allow me to introduce you then; Swimwear and Lingerie Folks meet Ayton, Ayton, these are my dear friends.

“Ayten Gasson creates exquisite confections of luxurious pure silk lingerie, trimmed with vintage Nottingham lace, all hand-made in the UK.”

“Silk knickers, tap pants, teddies, bras and bralets are accompanied by kimono tops, nightwear and eye masks. Both lingerie and sleepwear, Ayten’s garments blur the traditional boundaries between underwear and outerwear, with a style so beautiful and fluid, you will want to let people see them!”

Now that you are on a first name basis, take a moment and check out all of her lovely collections.

{Pssst, she’s also having a sale!….just thought I would put that out there}

Have a great Monday everyone! Wish me luck in avoiding the rest of the chocolate hanging around here…. {I can hear it calling me… }



Tickle Lingerie Excites

Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Friends! Happy Spring… at least I think it’s Spring.

According to the good old calendar it is spring, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. We are up to our eyeballs in stiff crunchy snow over here… Brrrrr, super chilly!

I was feeling kind of blahhh, what with all the cold and not being able to wear my Spring coat that I worked so hard to locate {bottom right hand corner of the cold cellar, hidden behind our Hallowe’en decorations… just for when I forget again next year!}

Either way, I was down, and what do I do when I feel down?

Yup, I head to the interwebz to see what my favourite designers are all up to.

I guess I was really feeling the cold today, because I went looking all the way down under at a neat little designer with a fabulous locally designed and sewn lingerie line called Tickle.

Karen Ezart has created a softly romantic line of lingerie that includes knickers (I think calling your panties, “knickers”, is way more fun than saying underwear…don’t you?) bras, chemises and tops. They are created from comfy, stretchy fabrics that just beg to be cuddled up with and demonstrate her attention to detail with sweet trims and delicate designs.

“Loved and worn by women of all ages, Tickle has been designed for comfort and perfect fit as well as looking hip, and some of the range can be worn as outerwear, beachwear, and loungewear, as well as underwear. To maintain the highest quality and remain ethical the range is sewn locally in Byron Bay not overseas in a sweat shop.”

I love that comfort, flexibility and versatility are all incorporated into her designs. How fabulous to know that the top and underpants you’re wearing can be used at the beach as well. The tops have enough coverage that they could certainly be worn as outerwear, although, I doubt that I would wear them gardening as the young lady in the photo is doing.

The first style to jump out and catch my eye was the Chocolate Cream Top and Boyshort set. Have a look.

I love the colour combination and the strethy lace. but most of all, I really love the back view for these undies! how gorgeous and cozy do they look?

I KNOW, Right?

Pin up vintage inspired skirted swimsuit with boyleg high waist shorts from Miss Fancypants on Etsy

Pin up vintage inspired skirted swimsuit with boyleg high waist shorts from Miss Fancypants on Etsy

OMFG!!! Sorry to curse, but WOW!

Hello Swimwear and Lingerie friends. {waves enthusiastically}

How amazing is this swimsuit? I adore everything about it.

I was already a huge fan of Miss Fancypants’ lingerie and bottoms but now that she has added swimwear to her oh so ridiculously fabulous Retro repretoire…. I ‘m just flabbergasted. Seriously folks, if I weren’t so wordy I might even be speechless!

Peggy Sue Bloomer red gingham 100% cotton by Miss Fancypants on Etsy

Peggy Sue Bloomer red gingham 100% cotton by Miss Fancypants on Etsy

…and we’re back to discussing the swimsuit!

Here is the description of it. I should mention that if I were to create a personals-type of ad…you know like a “desperately seeking swimsuit” kind of thing, this would basically be it!

“Miss Fancypants has launched a range of swimwear that draws its inspiration from the pin up girls of yesteryear.

Introducing Bettie:

A flattering 2-piece suit that accentuates and defines real curves, featuring higher waist boyleg shorts and the cutest ever skirted halter neck top that is guaranteed to bring out the inner pin up gal in all of us!

The bust of this empire waist top is lined using the same nylon lycra as the rest of the suit – guaranteed no see through issues and provides added support. I do not use any padding or boning, but it has a built in shelf bra style support for comfort!

The bust cups are adjustable with a tie front feature, and gives you the option of more/less coverage.

Soft removable bust cups can be added for $10.

Fitted under the bust and midriff, it then gently flares out skimming along the hips, cut, such that the boyleg shorts peak underneath. Delightful!

Each suit is lovingly hand made by Miss Fancypants herself in Newcastle. Other colours are available, please contact me for further details.”

I think I am in love.

Seriously, most of the time, when some one says that they are designing things for women with curves, “who are looking for underwear that won’t ride up, but still looks flattering, sexy and feels comfortable all day long. Miss Fancypants women are confident individuals that have learned to embrace their bodies. They know what will enhance their assets without compromising on comfort, style and sex appeal” the offerings are less than appealing and generally appeal to a more post menopausal subset of women.

The words comfort, style and sex appeal rarely go together and if they are linked… it is usually in an “If/Then” scenario, like all those logic problems in Philosophy 101.


Completely gratuitous picture of a cat in a toga for no other reason than it cracks me up!

But what the heck did all those ancient greeks and romans know? They wore togas, they had no idea the kind of hell a poorly fit bra or an overly snug pair of cheeky boy shorts could present for a girl with curves!

Wearing any one of her gorgeous suits would totally make me feel all Marilyn and glamorous!

If you were reading my rant yesterday, then you know that I have officially said “screw you!” to the whiny, insecure, little 13 year old trapped inside my head. I have vowed not to sit on the sidelines this summer, just because I no longer have the svelte perfectly muscled body of my youth!

I will go forth and play and idle and make merry just as much as I please because after all this time, it would appear that I am not going to lose all the baby weight magically by sitting and pouting.

{excellent battle plan though right? Don’t actually do anything to lose it and then eat emotionally because I haven’t lost it thus continuing the problem!}

Now I just need to save up and order one, not to mention a tug boat sized jug of sunscreen for my poor transparent skin that hasn’t seen the light of day in well over 10 years.

{Except for part of my right breast breast and nipple that were inadvertently exposed and sunburned thanks to an unfortunate malfunction of my maternity bra and my child’s habit of pulling down the neckline of my shirts…not a fun time for my areola, I can tell you that!}

Hmmm, might have shared too much there…sorry about that.



Vintage inspired nautical pin up 2 piece bikini from Miss Fancypants on Etsy

Vintage inspired nautical pin up 2 piece bikini from Miss Fancypants on Etsy

Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Folk!

Well, it has been fairly rainy and blah around here lately and staring at all the melting sludge on the roads and the reflected gray upon gray landscape has me pining for some beauty.

So, I went window shopping on Etsy…. a very dangerous habit when you are on a no-buying vow. I have said it before and I will say it again, Etsy is hands down the BEST boutique shopping around. So many designers, so many styles, so much ingenuity. Unlike traditional retail shopping, where every store stocks identical styles and colors, the designers on Etsy are exploring their own interests and whims. I admit it, I am absolutely addicted!

There are so many fabulous things to look at, that it was hard to narrow it down, but I couldn’t stop myself from coming back time and again to the designs of La Lilouche.

All of their items are “handmade using the finest quality 100% silk fabrics, satin silk, Chantilly laces, power-nets..with such exquisite Details of ribbons, beads, swarovski crystals and bows, with each individual piece hand finished with LOVE and exclusive in design.. La Lilouche items are sophisticated, fashion led & timeless in their appeal that you will never want to hide!”

“We Sell our Lingerie collection via Etsy and a few niche lingerie boutiques in the UK, Israel, France & Australia. I design & make all this beautiful lingerie, that you can wear for a romantic night in! wear for your big day! Give as a unique birthday or anniversary gift…or just wear them as part of your own cool stylish dressing look!”

So let’s just get right down to what I am coveting at the moment, shall we?

For an overall assessment of what designer Liya Amar has to offer, their main site has a fabulous slide show lookbook! But if you want to slow things down and see the exquisite details, just head over to the boutique part. The descriptions of the outfits are sumptuous and filled with 100% silks, silk satins and french lace.

my first favorite is the Natasha style;

I really love the lace cups of the soft bra and the added wide edge, ruffled silk chiffon on the band. It really ups the femininity factor. The matching scalloped edges on the bow-tie thong and knickers makes it a complete outfit.

While the black Natasha Boudoir collection is so mysterious and flirty, I also love the innocent sexiness of the Bliss Bride Lingerie Collection;

The ivory color and the delicate nature of the soft bra paired up with the minimalist styling of the thong keep all eyes on the figure.
The little details on the bra, thong and boy short, such as the handmade chiffon bows embellished with ditsy pearls and the delicate guipure trim highlight the true workmanship of the pieces.

These pieces would make a fabulous addition to any well-stocked lingerie drawer and could certainly be used for everyday wear for that extra confidence and comfort of a hand made luxury item. I’ll leave you with a few more photos to ooh and ahhhh over. After all, you can never have enough lingerie or inspiration right?



Hello again, lovely lingerie lovers. Here is the second part of our Etsy Designer series. These dedicated lingerie addicts are creating custom made, handmade lingerie to grace your every curve and suit your individual needs. Sounds like the kind of people I need to know more about!

SandMaidenSleepwear Bridal silk georgette flutter sleep pantie

SandMaidenSleepwear Bridal silk georgette flutter sleep pantie

Sandmaidensleepwear showcases silks, sheers and delicate details. Allowing the filmy fabric to flutter and curl around the feminine form she lets the textiles define the structure of the garment. Just as she works with the fabric, so the Bridal Lingerie collection works with and not against the curves of the female body.

Sexy yet comfy sleepwear

Sexy yet comfy sleepwear

This sleep set consists of a soft cup bra and boxer short created from an elegant toile. The stretch lace on the bra and breath-ability of the cotton/lycra fabric makes this a set to snuggle in.

Using unexpected fabrics like cotton jersey knit, Under The Root creates Lingerie that is meant to be worn every day. The designer takes the sexiness of garters and combines them with the comfort of full backed panties. No tiny itchy lace straps to ride up on your hips, these cozy garters rest just below the natural waist and the stretch jersey stockings can be worn at whatever height you prefer. A casual approach to sexy allows your natural personality and uninhibited movements with a gentle stretch and ability to reclaim its shape.

Garter belt, full coverage boy shorts and jersey stockings

Under The Root Nixie Garden GuardHers

She does cozy in silky green satin too. This “Leprechaun Lingerie” set is too pretty not to show off. The legs are finished with a sweet little flutter that is so complimentary on all leg types and allows a freedom of movement as the model demonstrates so gracefully.

Vivid Green cotton undies and Bra

Under the Root Leprachaun Lingerie

The perfect set of lingerie to add pizazz to an otherwise boring business outfit. How fun to wear something so breathable and flashy under something commonsense and stuffy.

Lace and terrier garter belt

Swoon, Sky Blue Retro Terrier Garter Belt

Frankly, I think this would make an excellent laze around the cottage outfit. It is cute enough to pass as swimwear or a sunbathing outfit and just think how all eyes would be drawn to you in this fetching green?

Swoon is lingerie that you wear with a smirk. It isn’t often that a garter belt is created with Big Ben Clock tower fabric or vibrant blue Terrier Dog fabric and paired with detachable cotton garters so you can mix and match colors to your heart’s desire.

Who wouldn't want troops of soldiers on their undies?

Swoon Troops Garter belt

Who knew that lingerie could become such a conversation piece? I wonder if she created any World Cup garter belts so that the true football fanatic could feel as though she was still supporting her team even while following her company’s dress code? Could be quite a niche market there.

The last designer I want to highlight is Love Baby Grand a designer from London England. I am coveting these phenomenal mesh undies with detachable garters. The sweet ruffle detailing on the legs and the sparse black dot pattern on the mesh creates a mysterious femme fatale persona for the wearer. Worn alone or with stockings these are a lingerie addicts dream, which brings me to the end of our little prance through the offerings of etsy. These are just a very small sampling of the Creme de la creme of the magnificient lingerie designers on Etsy. You should check it out and find your next favorite stylist.



Love Baby Grand .Black Sheer Silk and Mesh Knickers With Detachable Garters- Made To Order

Love Baby Grand .Black Sheer Silk and Mesh Knickers With Detachable Garters- Made To Order