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Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Buddies!

Can you believe it’s already Thursday? This week has just flown by.


For today’s Fitting Tip Thursday, our theme is… “It’s all about the fit!”

Yup you heard me, I’m going to harp on about how your dainty little nothings are hanging on your body. However, probably not haranguing in the way you assume… you see, I was thinking of all the little tips and tricks I could give you about getting that perfect fit for one piece of lingerie or another… but I kept coming back to the one guiding principle that has always served me so well.



{…wait for it}

{…seriously, hold your horses and wait already… you know it’s going to be good}



Here it is: Wear whatever the heck you want, in whatever size, colour or style you want it



Yah, that’s right, you heard it here first.

The woman who has been plying you with a zillion bra fitting videos and tips, tricks and strategies to help you find the best lingerie for your body type, with the best possible fit, just told you to throw all that advice in the can and just get what you want.

{seems rather counterproductive doesn’t it?}



Don’t worry I haven’t completely lost it… not yet anyway.

You see, the one thing I’ve always noticed when I am drawn to a picture of a woman wearing lingerie, is the fact that she is utterly and completely owning her look. She can be shy and waifish or aggressively seductive, but either way, she knows what she’s wearing looks good, she feels like a million bucks and that confidence comes dancing through in every aspect of her being.



She isn’t fussing with fit, the colour choice, a wrinkle in the fabric, nope, she’s letting her posture, eyes and demeanor tell the viewer that she knows looks good and she won’t hear any different.

It may be that her lucky bra is now two sizes too small or her favourite garter belt has seen better days…doesn’t matter one iota if it makes her feel like she owns the world. Let’s face it, the majority of Victoria’s Secret’s models are all wearing the wrong size EVERYTHING and we can all agree that they look amazing… why? Because you would be crazy to argue with someone strutting and owning the catwalk the way they do.



So, there you have it. If you find something you absolutely adore… get it. If you have a piece of lingerie from a few years {translation=sizes} ago… wear it. If you have something that makes you feel powerful enough to fire Donald Trump, then pop that sucker on!

You heard it here first my friends, the real key to lingerie= CONFIDENCE.



Oh and all of our images (Except Donnie-boy} are courtesy of the wonderful Aubade!


Garter Belts Decoded

Happy Thursday Swimwear and Lingerie Fans.

Pardon me if my writing is all crooked and jiggly, I’m busy doing my “…it’s almost the weekend dance, it’s almost the weekend dance…”

I’m so ridiculously excited to do NOTHING!!! Well, not nothing… but sew up some new knickers I’ve been designing and just dying to get to. Funny how the weekends always get full of things to do and commitments that never leave time for our hobbies and fun things. Well, I decided that this weekend was going to be about doing some of the things I want to do, so I deliberately said “No” to everything.

Politely of course…

Okay, enough about my plans… today is, after all, Fitting Tip Thursday, and today I am answering the almighty question of…

What is the difference between a 4 and a 6 suspender garter belt?

Let’s just get some illustrative pictures so we know what we’re talking about okay? These are 4 strap garters, they have a strap on the front of each leg and another strap on the back.

Okee? Got the visual? Great, this one is here a 6 strap garter. One strap on the front of each leg, one on the outside of each leg and finally one strap on the back of each leg.

Did you catch the difference there? Got a good feel for the two types? Let’s continue then shall we?

…and the answer is….

A 4 suspender garter belt has 4 points of contact with your stockings and a 6 suspender garter belt has 6 points of contact. Therefore the chief difference is greater control.

Phew, feel better now that you know the answer?

Nah, I’m just kidding, there are more differences. Four belt garters have plenty of control, so don’t go thinking they’re the loosey, goosey cousin. They do a fine job and they are sometimes more appropriate because there is less to show through light or flimsy material.

The 6 strap garter belts always look a little more dominatrix-ish and control-ish to me. I love the powerful feeling that they give too!

Basically, it all comes down to choice. Do you want to feel all girly and delicate or do you want to feel like a super her? Frankly, I think there is a time and a place for both, so I would recommend having a few of each. After all, a girl loves to have choices.



Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Folk {waves enthusiastically}

Today’s Must-Have-Monday item is a handy little waistcincher garter belt combination from Change lingerie’s Charade Spring 2011 Collection.

This stunning little number features the type of control and smoothing that you would expect from shapewear with the added benefit of suspended garters. The addition of the garters at the base of the waistcincher allows me to avoid having to double up on the number of garments I need to wear on my waist and hips. Voila! Lingerie pulling double duty… Brilliant!

I happened to stumble upon this little number and was blown away by the quality and attention to detail. The elasticized nylon fabric is deliciously luxurious and has that nice bit of give that prevents the piece from pulling too much while shaping my waist. There are seven hook and eye closures along the back that ensure that it won’t spontaneously ‘pop’ open. The four garters descend from the scalloped bottom edge and feature cinches (like on the shoulder strap of a bra) so that you can customize their length.

The front panel is detailed with lace work and blinged out ribbon which conceal the control panel for your stomach. There are eight ribs running along the length that give the waistcincher it’s chutzpah and keep your middle section in smooth form.

It is sized small to extra-large, but tends to fit on the smaller, tighter side, so I would advise you to try one on before you buy.

Change is a new lingerie line to me and I (of course) had to go online and check out their other products and see if all of their collection is as praise-worthy as my nifty little waistcincher.

They are a relatively new Danish company and have been producing their sumptuous lingerie for the European market for the past 13 years. They have only recently begun developing the North American market with stores in several major Canadian cities and I particularly like their swimwear and am looking forward to seeing more of their designs.



Hello my darling Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

It’s “Totally Vintage Tuesday” and I thought we might take a little picture walk down memory lane and look at how garters and garter belts have helped to shape fashion.

When most people think of garters, they generally go the whole wedding imagery thing and think of something like this;

Or this;

And, they wouldn’t be wrong, these are stunning and definitely worthy of wedding wear, however, the point of the garter was actually to hold up one’s stockings because elasticized fabrics and textiles hadn’t been invented yet. So while something as decadent would be worn by the upper echelons of society and for special events, they weren’t entirely comfortable or practical.

The average woman was wearing something that looked a bit more like this;

The held up your socks, your stockings and if you were a flapper during the 20’s they helped you to conceal your flask of liquor during prohibition.

From the simple scrunchie type of garter we jump right into the luscious open-bottomed garter belt. Basically, this item of lingerie could be as simple or as decadent as the lady could afford. In it’s most rudimentary state, it was a simple belt with 4-6 straps with a button and round loop closure at the bottom of each. They looked something like this;

The lady would catch the reinforced top of her stocking on the knob part of the button and then slip the metal loop over top and slide to cinch it tight and closed, thus keeping the stockings up. It was pretty ingenius really. Here is the modern equivalent, you will notice it really hasn’t changed all that much.

The vintage version of this would be;

From the open bottom Garter belt, we move on to garter innovations. Garters were attached to every other type of lingerie depending on the era, style in fashion and level of restrictive body control/shaping desired. Here is a vintage corset with attached garters;

A vintage girdle with attached garters;

Same again but in a different style and era;

Now it would be easy to say, these are all fine and good, but why should the modern woman care about garters and garter belts outside of fancy dress situations? And you would have a point, with the advent of pantyhose and elasticized nylons there really wasn’t a need for the handy garter belt any more.

Unless, you required pantyhose in an uncommon size, enjoyed the luxe feel of fully formed stockings and garters or found that the extra shimmy they gave your step was worth the extra effort.

I for one, adore the sensation of a garter belt. I love that my thigh high stockings fit so much better and can be adjusted through the day if they begin to lose their elasticity. I love the craftsmanship that goes into a well sewn and detailed garter belt or garter.

What can I say, they rock and are certainly worth the effort. And if the current obsession with reproduction vintage lingerie from the likes of Lucy B, Kiss Me Deadly and JennasRedRhino.

Try’em, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



Hosiery can be a boon or battle depending or both at the same time. Who hasn’t made it to their lunch hour and already had to change their panty hose at least once? I always buy them in sets of two because I am guaranteed to shred one just in the act of putting it on. I have also perfected the complex yet necessary art of hiking up my nylons to prevent the stretched out crotch from peeking out below my hem line. Otherwise known as having a bad case of kindergarten crotch, it is incredibly difficult to maintain any dignity in a professional situation when you need to haul them back into position.

droopy stockings

Photo Courtesy of Markusram

Womens stockings are made to stretch. It’s part of their appeal and the reason why they can come in such small packages. However, they can only stretch so far before losing their elasticity and drooping like the saggy skin of an aged elephant. Even fishnets lose their sex appeal when they are bunched and shapeless, you may as well be wearing compression stockings. You can either give up and just wear socks with your skirts and dresses or be brave and try a new approach.

If you really can’t find anything that doesn’t require readjusting every 10 minutes, then the best solution is thigh highs. Just avoid the issue all together. Thigh high womens stockings come in several different types to ensure proper comfort and fit. Some types have elasticized tops to keep them in place and others rely on garter belts. There really is something magical about the way the straps of a good garter belt feels on the body that you will notice an extra wiggle in your walk. Either way, you feel like Marilyn Monroe when you step out wearing them and that can only be a good thing. The best part of a garter belt is that it is designed to be combined with some seriously luxe looking lingerie and who are you to deny it the joy of matching separates?

Outfit by Kiss Me Deadly, Photo Courtesy of froufroufashionista blog