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Happy Monday Swimwear and Lingerie friends!

Did everyone have a good weekend?

Yes? Excellent, glad to hear it 🙂

I have something I’ve been dying to share with you for quite some time.

I'm building up anticipation by delaying the pay off... pretty sneaky huh?

I'm building up anticipation by delaying the pay off... pretty sneaky huh?

I’m joining an exercise group!

What do you mean that’s not very exciting? Sheesh, you people are seriously jaded, you know that?

It’s the type of exercise that I’m really revved up about. You see, I have some weight to lose in order to be more healthy and being the maggie-type of person that I am, it couldn’t be something as normal as Zumba or spin class.

Nope. It had to be….

No, seriously... wait for it.

No, seriously... wait for it.

Roller Derby!!!!!

Bring on the four-wheeled mayhem!

Bring on the four-wheeled mayhem!

Isn’t that just so awesome? {and yes, you in the back row, it IS also so potentially dangerous}

Just a flesh wound :)

Just a flesh wound 🙂

You don’t know what Roller Derby is? Here’s a brief video to catch you up to speed and get you all as excited as I am!

Roller Derby Girls

Are ya excited now?

Now, you may be thinking that I’m just in it for all the wicked lingerie-based fashions… and you wouldn’t be all wrong either.

Hmmm, maybe it would be better to ease you into it with a little less blood and a little more short shorts...

Hmmm, maybe it would be better to ease you into it with a little less blood and a little more short shorts...

Is this better?

Roller Derby Roller Girl

Roller Derby Roller Girl

Nope? Okay, how about this?

Roller Derby Lingerie: stockings, booty shorts, body suits... nice!

Roller Derby Lingerie: stockings, booty shorts, body suits... nice!

I love learning new things and skating has always been something I enjoy, so why not get healthy exercise while wearing lingerie and hanging out with some great folk?

It just so happens that there’s a local group near by and they have a “Freshmeat Bootcamp”.

{how could that be intimidating?}

I ordered my skates and have all my pads already to go. Now, I just need to find some good hosiery and shorts.

{…and maybe a whole lot of icepacks, bandages and pimped-out crutches}

I’m trying to think of another sport that combines a Glam Rock, lingerie-friendly, female empowerment kind of a thing like this. Yoga, has nice outfits, but I rather prefer the rockabilly, grunge, costumery of Roller Derby.

Hee hee, did anyone get the number of that truck that just hit me?

Hee hee, did anyone get the number of that truck that just hit me?

If you can’t tell I’m pretty excited, of course I haven’t started yet, so I may sing a different tune after the first practice.

Wish me luck!




Sports bras don’t seem a likely topic for a lingerie blog do they? Their only connection to lingerie would be the part of the female form that they cover. Then why are they usually sold in the better lingerie stores along with all of those gorgeously lacy little numbers? The simple fact is that the sports bra is an essential part of any lingerie collection.

Lingerie is meant to showcase the body and all of it’s best attributes, however, if those assets are dangling around your knees obscuring your lower half, then the lingerie can only do so much. To the rescue- a good sports bra. A healthy body is a sexy body and exercise increases our stamina, flexibility and endurance as well as our positive self image.

Full Coverage Bounce control Sports Bra

Ventilator Support Sports Bra

The Back-story: I actually let my health take a back seat for quite a while because my size changed and I couldn’t fit into my only sports bra anymore. No sports bra meant that I couldn’t exercise without doing serious damage to my bust.

I wonder what her favorite sports bra is?

E_JenniferGarner running a race

Any form of bounce or repetitive movement was mimicked immediately by my chest making me physically uncomfortable and super self-conscious, unlike the fabulous Jennifer Garner who can still smile while running a marathon.

I realized I needed to hop back into the exercise habit when I was spring cleaning and sorting through my wardrobe. There were so many lingerie pieces that hadn’t seen the light of day in over a year because I couldn’t fit into them. What an absolute travesty! I owed my lingerie a better life than being trapped in drawer. Not to mention that wearing two full figure bras wasn’t working nor was it terribly comfortable.

I began researching the latest innovations in bounce control and sweat wicking materials and polling my friends on their favorites. I eventually decided to try out the Enell Sports Bra. After all Oprah wouldn’t lead me astray would she? The Enell was developed by a well endowed volleyball player when she couldn’t find anything on the market to satisfy her needs.

Their mission statement is truly inspiring;
Ennell, Inc. is dedicated to providing well-endowed women with the opportunity to fully participate in an active lifestyle by offering state of the art, high quality performance apparel.

First Impressions: Well, it certainly wouldn’t win any beauty awards and the lingerie lover in me was aesthetically offended. I quickly decided that this was a means to an end and that if it helped me exercise and regain my curvy shape then a little fugly wasn’t going to hold me back.

Putting it on wasn’t too time intensive with the front closures and racer-back style. The bra held me in without pinching or constricting my breathing, which says quite a bit. I found that my movements were immediately freer now that my bust didn’t project out and interfere with my daily tasks and that first jog around felt wonderful.
The bounce was controlled and I already felt a few sizes smaller which certainly inspired me to hit the gym.

Our Smiles match! We both love the freedom from interfering boobs


All in all, I have to say, Oprah was right. It does a great job and is about to multiply in my drawer because I really like the fit and feel of it. Quite frankly, as an all day bra it works well to wick away any sweat and keep me dry cool and comfortable, a feat that my previous business wear bras were unable to achieve. Comfort and control, thy name is Enell.