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Gilded Lillie Silk Bra with Hand Painted Beaded Flowers, Toad Lillie

Gilded Lillie Silk Bra with Hand Painted Beaded Flowers, Toad Lillie

Happy Monday Swimwear and Lingerie Friends!

As usual, it is Must-Have-Monday today and I am really excited to show you what I choose because it was a heck of a struggle for me, as it is every week. I managed to narrow it down and choose a single designer to pick from, but then I got all waffley as I looked through all the different offerings on the website. (Typical I know!)

Maybe I’ll show you the ones, I really wanted to put up today first, just so you can understand the herculean effort I had to go through to choose.

Toad Lillie

Toad Lillie

Yup, I was playing around on Toad Lillie’s website and coveting all the wonderful handmade lingerie.

Which ones you may ask? Glad you did. I’m always happy to share my obsessions and who wouldn’t be obsessed with handmade lingerie? “All Lillies are handmade to order by the designer using couture construction techniques. Each piece usually ships within 7-10 business days.”

Okay, these are the ones I was completely torn over;

The Girl is a Vamp Smoky Lilac Silk and Lace Bra

The Girl is a Vamp Smoky Lilac Silk and Lace Bra

I know right?

But wait…you haven’t even seen the very best part of it yet! Check the rear view;

The Girl is a vamp Naughty Lace Edged Silk High Waisted Panties

The Girl is a vamp Naughty Lace Edged Silk High Waisted Panties

Phenomenal right? I adore that little peekaboo in the back.

Kinda makes you wonder what I DID choose to showcase doesn’t it?

Well, with no further ado, please cast your adoring eyes on this fabulous set. {yes… I totally broke my own rule AGAIN and am featuring a lingerie ‘outfit’ instead of a single piece… but, but, they’re just so damn pretty together!!! C’mon, you know you totally would do it too! Sheesh, judgey crowd}

Toad Lillie yes tease bra

Toad Lillie yes tease bra

Isn’t it gorgeous? I just love the sexy little ruffle on the quarter cup bra. The words elegant and flirty jump to mind when I look at it. Here is how Laurie Shapiro describes her ‘Yes Tease! Frilly Silk Chiffon Quarter Cup Bra’;

“Cheeky quarter cup silk bra with a playful chiffon ruffled edge. Your nipple will just barely peek out above fully lined underwire stretch silk charmeuse cups.

Silk charmeuse and plush lingerie elastic straps are fully adjustable. Adjustable hook and eye closure at back. Couture construction includes narrow rolled hems, edgestitched straps and understitched facings.”

But wait that’s not all! {said in my best uber-perky and elegantly deep, tv announcer voice}

Toad Lillie Yes Tease Panties

Toad Lillie Yes Tease Panties

Doesn’t the silk just scream out to be touched? It looks so comfy and light and airy and, and,oh fine I’ll say it…. silky!

“Flirty silk bikini panties with playful chiffon frill at the hips. Top stitched silk lining creates a diamond motif ending with a sassy ribbon bow. Silk charmeuse stretches to hug your hips. Very figure flattering.

Couture construction includes french seams, narrow rolled hem, and silk gusset for a truly sumptuous feeling.”

Great choice right? But would you have made the same one? I was really torn by the smoky lilac colour of the first set I showed you, but I am a total sucker for quarter cups so styling beat out colour today!

Toad Lillie always has plenty of gorgeous colours to choose from and I love that she doesn’t shy away from combining bright colours with some really dramatic details like ruching and frills.




Truly Canadian Sleepwear Set



Happy Monday Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

Just last week it was all rain and blah. Today we have glorious sunshine and heat. Now you would think this weather would put me in the mood to profile something from my “Must-Have” list that would be light, airy or perhaps of a swimwear nature right?

Nope. I am indeed an enigma wrapped up in a puzzle. For some bizarre reason I can’t stop thinking about this bra and panty set that are clearly meant for chilly nights and cuddling.

We’ll blame it on the extreme air conditioning at work, shall we?

My Must-Have Monday covet-able item is… cue the drum role please….

Ohhhlulu Soft Bra

Ohhhlulu Soft Bra

“This brushed cotton, fuchsia and grey plaid soft bra is the perfect surprise under a nice, warm sweater. The soft, cotton fabric is trimmed with ruffled silver, satin ribbon and is edged with plus, black elastic. This bra has cotton covered elastic straps, and hook and eye closure in the back for adjustability. This item will be handmade for you upon purchase.”

and to match…

Ohhhlulu Panties

Ohhhlulu Panties

“Made of soft, brushed cotton in fuchsia, grey and black plaid, these are the perfect panties for a cold winter day. They are trimmed at the leg with two layers of ruffles: one in silver satin, and one in black organza. The bias cut cotton is warm and comfortable. Each item is handmade with care for you, please provide measurements upon purchase (waist and hip in inches).”

Amazeballs right?

Now, keep in mind, that with the humidex factored in it felt like 41 degrees celsius… you could just imagine how warm and sweaty that super-soft brushed cotton could be.

I think I might have heatstroke to be coveting these in this weather. Ahh, well, all the folks who think all Canadians live in igloos and get around via sled dog, probably see it as a perfectly reasonable summertime sleep set.

Have you encountered Ohh Lulu before?

I discovered Ohh Lulu on Etsy, quite awhile ago and have been meaning to introduce you all.

I’ll let Sarah Elaine tell you about her designs and inspiration in her own words.

“Ohhh Lulu prides itself in juxtaposition, comibining unexpected fabrics, colours, textures and trims to create clothing that is both beautiful and unique. Sarah infuses each item she makes with a handmade aesthetic, pulling inspiration from her small town, rural sorroundings, vintage clothing, and her own imagination!”

Ohhhlulu Panties Close Up

Ohhhlulu Panties Close Up

Ohhh Lulu is based in Orillia, Ontario, the heart and soul of cottage country and I think that may be what appeals to me the most when I think of this soft bra and panty set.

I spent my childhood summers in cottage country. When I think of those wonderful firefly and flannel coat filled nights of marshmallows browning in the warm glow of the campfire and days spent lazing half in and half out of the water, in as little swimwear as possible, I can’t help but smile and do that annoying happy head tilt.

So, I suppose lingerie made in brushed cotton, with a plaid print, is the perfect marriage of that area for me.

Orillia Ontario Cottage Country

Orillia Ontario Cottage Country

There is also a lovely and unexpected element of sophistication in the ruffled lace and satin detailing that is the perfect complement to the understated print and texture of the fabric.

I think it’s fair to say that I just lurrrve everything about this set.

Ohhhlulu Soft Bra

Ohhhlulu Soft Bra



Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

In honour of today being the very first Vintage Tuesday (said with that cool deep voice echoey kind of sound) I thought I would introduce you to a brand-new-to-me designer of Etsy handmade lingerie fame~ Fables by Barrie

According to the website, Fables has been around since 2007. It is designed manufactured and distributed from San Diago, California (That would be the USA) and is proudly sweatshop-free!

I love the way she describes the styling of the Fables line of swimwear- “Fables is a very unique look that brings inspiration from our favorite vintage styles to current times with a modern twist. We like to call our look ‘fashion forward meets past.'”

Fabulous right?

The Fables collection has so many interchangeable pieces that it makes the mind boggle. Usually, you see a suit and it is offered as a one piece or a two piece and that is the extent of it. Blah, boring, no fun!

Not Fables.

There are so many different top and bottom styles just begging to be mixed and matched that you could wear the skimpy little bikini with the ruffle when you are having a strong confident day and one with the higher waist and lower legline for those days when the donuts have been calling…. halllooooo Honey Kruellers!

Her main website has a handy Gallery slideshow feature so you can see the whole collection here or you can see the styles at her Etsy store here.

Now, as we all know… nothing in this world is perfect and I think you can probably guess what my only beef with all this is…..

Yup, you got it. NO LINGERIE!!!

Gah, what are they thinking?

With such a wicked cool design aesthetic, why wouldn’t they have lingerie? Crazy, absolutely crazy! Perhaps this little old post will be the pushey hint they need to jump on the lingerie bandwagon.

Hey, you never know! Stranger things have happened!



St. Patty’s Day Lingerie

Top of the Mornin’ to ya Swimwear and Lingerie friends. Take a quick moment and enjoy an absolutely amazing song from the House of Pain in honor of this caraaazay party type of day!

In honor of National Green Beer day, I have found a few absolutely sumptuous pieces of lingerie that would be appropriate for a fun loving holiday like St. Patty’s Day! After all, Holidays and celebratory events call for spectacular lingerie.

While I never condone dressing up as a leprechaun, I really don’t see anything wrong with some Irish themed undies or a whole lot of green silk!

Under the Root is always a great place to start when you are looking for fun, functional and fabulously crafted lingerie and most importantly, they aren’t afraid of color!!

I really love the boy short and longer line Woodland Maiden Camisole Set.

Although, I probably wouldn’t be out dancing in the forest in it…

I adore her photography and the aesthetic she brings to her lingerie, but I have to admit, I do feel tempted to caption the photos a la Catalog Living.

I have mentioned La Belle Fairy before and I always seem to keep coming back to her collection.

This corset is absolutely drool worthy. I adore the delicate lace and ribbon embellishment on the bust and that green paisley should never be covered up under clothes! It should always be on display!

I can picture this paired up with a fabulous pair of jeans and heals for rocking night out at the local bar/pub.

Even better, paired up with a gorgeous pair black dress pants, heels and a fitted blazer this could be the ultimate day to evening look!

I love the relaxed comfort and lounge worthy lace details on this scalloped edge chemise from Sandmaiden Sleepwear. Comfy green organic cotton just begs to have a night in watching Brigadoon and sipping on some fine Irish

Now I am aware that this is a lot of green and that some people like my dear Auntie Joy cannot stand the color green. So if green just isn’t working for you, never fear the Irish flag has green, orange and white.

Feel free to pick one of the alternate colors instead, but be prepared to explain why you’re snubbing the green. People are pretty passionate about green on this day! When in doubt wear a token piece…

…and no St Patrick’s Day lingerie review would be complete without some lucky undies and Voila!! Replete with some lucky charms;

Clover Panties from Pretty Cheeky!

Cute and sassy all at the same time! Wear these for all your lucky occasions and let me know if the plethora of lucky clover actually works for you!

Have a great night!



Stolen Lingerie

Good Morning Swimwear and Lingerie enthusiasts.

We have a strange story coming out of Laredo, Texas today about some enterprising thieves and over $1 Million dollars worth of stolen lingerie.

It seems these thieves may have ripped off a trailer load of lingerie and then attempted to sell their purloined wares online.

Unfortunately, they tried to sell them to an undercover police officer and were busted (sorry couldn’t help it!!! But really…. you had to know it was coming!).

What I want to know, is how they were able to steal over 111,000 pieces of lingerie, when I can’t even carry a handful of it from the laundry room to my wardrobe, without leaving a slippery trail of silk, satin and lace behind me???

Seriously, that stuff is really stubborn and steadfastly refuses to behave itself!

Now, all silliness aside, I noticed that the original news story didn’t mention who the rightful owner of the lingerie was. I am assuming that it is a large corporation, after all most Etsy lingerie designers don’t have trailer loads stuffed with over a million dollars worth of stock.

Not that it makes a difference, theft is theft. However, my point is that I do realize that the world is in a massive economic downward spiral and that lingerie is definitely a non-essential commodity. It is a luxury for all intents and purposes and that many of us simply can’t afford to pay out $X amount of dollars for something decadently beautiful when money is tight and only getting tighter.

For example, I would love to pick up this basque ensemble from Masquerade Lingerie by Panache;

Sadly, I don’t have the budget for it, so it is just on the dream list for now.

I won’t, however, sidle up to someone, selling something similar from the trunk of their car at drop bottom prices or sitting on a beach holding up a pile of unmentionables, as in the photo at the top of the page.

Frankly, it is a wee bit icky (the whole lingerie, close to your skin and every thing) but also, a real slap in the face to those folk who work their tails off to design and create this stuff. As a lingerie designer myself, it would really suck to see my designs ripped off and copied, but to have my hard work stolen and sold out from under me… man that would really bite!

Where do you stand on this sort of thing? Is a deal ever good enough to tempt you?



Make Lingerie, Not War

Make Lingerie, Not War

Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Folk!

Well, it has been fairly rainy and blah around here lately and staring at all the melting sludge on the roads and the reflected gray upon gray landscape has me pining for some beauty.

So, I went window shopping on Etsy…. a very dangerous habit when you are on a no-buying vow. I have said it before and I will say it again, Etsy is hands down the BEST boutique shopping around. So many designers, so many styles, so much ingenuity. Unlike traditional retail shopping, where every store stocks identical styles and colors, the designers on Etsy are exploring their own interests and whims. I admit it, I am absolutely addicted!

There are so many fabulous things to look at, that it was hard to narrow it down, but I couldn’t stop myself from coming back time and again to the designs of La Lilouche.

All of their items are “handmade using the finest quality 100% silk fabrics, satin silk, Chantilly laces, power-nets..with such exquisite Details of ribbons, beads, swarovski crystals and bows, with each individual piece hand finished with LOVE and exclusive in design.. La Lilouche items are sophisticated, fashion led & timeless in their appeal that you will never want to hide!”

“We Sell our Lingerie collection via Etsy and a few niche lingerie boutiques in the UK, Israel, France & Australia. I design & make all this beautiful lingerie, that you can wear for a romantic night in! wear for your big day! Give as a unique birthday or anniversary gift…or just wear them as part of your own cool stylish dressing look!”

So let’s just get right down to what I am coveting at the moment, shall we?

For an overall assessment of what designer Liya Amar has to offer, their main site has a fabulous slide show lookbook! But if you want to slow things down and see the exquisite details, just head over to the boutique part. The descriptions of the outfits are sumptuous and filled with 100% silks, silk satins and french lace.

my first favorite is the Natasha style;

I really love the lace cups of the soft bra and the added wide edge, ruffled silk chiffon on the band. It really ups the femininity factor. The matching scalloped edges on the bow-tie thong and knickers makes it a complete outfit.

While the black Natasha Boudoir collection is so mysterious and flirty, I also love the innocent sexiness of the Bliss Bride Lingerie Collection;

The ivory color and the delicate nature of the soft bra paired up with the minimalist styling of the thong keep all eyes on the figure.
The little details on the bra, thong and boy short, such as the handmade chiffon bows embellished with ditsy pearls and the delicate guipure trim highlight the true workmanship of the pieces.

These pieces would make a fabulous addition to any well-stocked lingerie drawer and could certainly be used for everyday wear for that extra confidence and comfort of a hand made luxury item. I’ll leave you with a few more photos to ooh and ahhhh over. After all, you can never have enough lingerie or inspiration right?



Hello again, lovely lingerie lovers. Here is the second part of our Etsy Designer series. These dedicated lingerie addicts are creating custom made, handmade lingerie to grace your every curve and suit your individual needs. Sounds like the kind of people I need to know more about!

SandMaidenSleepwear Bridal silk georgette flutter sleep pantie

SandMaidenSleepwear Bridal silk georgette flutter sleep pantie

Sandmaidensleepwear showcases silks, sheers and delicate details. Allowing the filmy fabric to flutter and curl around the feminine form she lets the textiles define the structure of the garment. Just as she works with the fabric, so the Bridal Lingerie collection works with and not against the curves of the female body.

Sexy yet comfy sleepwear

Sexy yet comfy sleepwear

This sleep set consists of a soft cup bra and boxer short created from an elegant toile. The stretch lace on the bra and breath-ability of the cotton/lycra fabric makes this a set to snuggle in.

Using unexpected fabrics like cotton jersey knit, Under The Root creates Lingerie that is meant to be worn every day. The designer takes the sexiness of garters and combines them with the comfort of full backed panties. No tiny itchy lace straps to ride up on your hips, these cozy garters rest just below the natural waist and the stretch jersey stockings can be worn at whatever height you prefer. A casual approach to sexy allows your natural personality and uninhibited movements with a gentle stretch and ability to reclaim its shape.

Garter belt, full coverage boy shorts and jersey stockings

Under The Root Nixie Garden GuardHers

She does cozy in silky green satin too. This “Leprechaun Lingerie” set is too pretty not to show off. The legs are finished with a sweet little flutter that is so complimentary on all leg types and allows a freedom of movement as the model demonstrates so gracefully.

Vivid Green cotton undies and Bra

Under the Root Leprachaun Lingerie

The perfect set of lingerie to add pizazz to an otherwise boring business outfit. How fun to wear something so breathable and flashy under something commonsense and stuffy.

Lace and terrier garter belt

Swoon, Sky Blue Retro Terrier Garter Belt

Frankly, I think this would make an excellent laze around the cottage outfit. It is cute enough to pass as swimwear or a sunbathing outfit and just think how all eyes would be drawn to you in this fetching green?

Swoon is lingerie that you wear with a smirk. It isn’t often that a garter belt is created with Big Ben Clock tower fabric or vibrant blue Terrier Dog fabric and paired with detachable cotton garters so you can mix and match colors to your heart’s desire.

Who wouldn't want troops of soldiers on their undies?

Swoon Troops Garter belt

Who knew that lingerie could become such a conversation piece? I wonder if she created any World Cup garter belts so that the true football fanatic could feel as though she was still supporting her team even while following her company’s dress code? Could be quite a niche market there.

The last designer I want to highlight is Love Baby Grand a designer from London England. I am coveting these phenomenal mesh undies with detachable garters. The sweet ruffle detailing on the legs and the sparse black dot pattern on the mesh creates a mysterious femme fatale persona for the wearer. Worn alone or with stockings these are a lingerie addicts dream, which brings me to the end of our little prance through the offerings of etsy. These are just a very small sampling of the Creme de la creme of the magnificient lingerie designers on Etsy. You should check it out and find your next favorite stylist.



Love Baby Grand .Black Sheer Silk and Mesh Knickers With Detachable Garters- Made To Order

Love Baby Grand .Black Sheer Silk and Mesh Knickers With Detachable Garters- Made To Order