Happy Friday Swimwear and Lingerie buddies.

Sorry for the late posting. Today was my penultimate day of work and my brain is a bit fried from all the loose ends that need tying up.

Today I wanted to show you the swimsuit that is currently intriguing me.

JCrew Off the shoulder tank

JCrew Off the shoulder tank

Gorgeous isn’t it?

The single shoulder is revealing and offsets the full coverage of the rest of the suit. The ruching is really flattering and as always, I love the colour 🙂

I just wish J.Crew would feed their models up a bit and definitely lay off of the photoshop. It’s pretty ridiculous!

Their thighs will never come close to touching, even if the models scissor their legs. Yet they have serious cleavage… riiiight. Not so much this model, but the other models on their swimsuit page. I’m a better airbrush artist than this and I only play around giving myself extra phantom arms and ears. {what? don’t judge 🙂 }

I’m surprised people aren’t boycotting based on their marketing pictures, but there you have it. I still like the swimsuit, but I can’t buy it and support that kind of crappy female imagery.

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the heat and sunshine.