Happy Tuesday Swimwear and Lingerie buddies.

I’m on the interview circuit right now and can’t give this “granny panties” ad the attention it deserves. Which totally sucks!

That's it... just bah!

That’s it… just bah!

It’s no fun needing to find work.

I’m sure you’ve all had to do the interview process before so hopefully you can empathize with the demands on my time.

That's me, knee deep in it and completely bogged down.

That’s me, knee deep in it and completely bogged down.

So, here’s hoping you can answer the question that Beau-Sure asks; “When it comes to panties, who’s got the excitement?”

Answer= ???

Now, I know you’re all a crafty and snarky-fun crowd, so you get to do the heavy lifting this Tuesday.

Leave me a quick comment and let me know how you would spoof or mock this ad with your favourite rebuttal.

I’d also be happy to hear any other thoughts you have on this lovely example of vintage lingerie advertising.