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Plum pretty Sugar Between The Seams

Plum pretty Sugar Between The Seams

I bought a gorgeous Silk Road Sweet v-back tunic from Plum Pretty Sugar a while back and thought that now would be a good time to tell you all about the experience.

Have you come across Plum Pretty Sugar’s designs before? They’re wonderful! Bright, colourful and pretty. These oh so feminine clothes were definitely calling to me. I hear they’ve now added an XL size to the range, so that’s great news for the curvier ladies and I may give that size range a try too.

Plum Pretty Sugar

The photography on the site is fabulous and definitely shows off the clothes nicely. Unfortunately, while the clothing seems to fit the pictured models beautifully, it wasn’t a great match with my shape. I have curves. Lots of curves. In fact I have wide shoulders and rather wide hips. {even my curves have curves}

Plum Pretty Sugar Tunic Silk Road Sweet

Plum Pretty Sugar Tunic Silk Road Sweet

The fit was a bit off for me in both my shoulders and my hips and my bust was rebelling even with a minimizer bra. sigh.

I really wanted to like this tunic, because the silk is so delicately light and the colours are so pretty and summery. But the shoulders were actually too wide, which doesn’t happen very often. I was able to just add a little knot in the back stabilizer sash of wide v-back to make it fit a bit better. But then it was time to pull it down over my hips and… yah, not so much.

Definitely don't want to bust the beautiful silk by trying to force it.

Definitely don’t want to bust the beautiful silk by trying to force it.

These tunics are cut pretty slim in the hips, so if you have a short torso and wide hips, you may need to do some serious adjusting.

I will be removing the stitching from the sides all the way up to the waist and making a bit more room for my hips. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to wear it!

I was curious if it was just my Jessica Rabbit-esque body that was the issue so I had several friend and family members give the tunic a shot too and they also found the hip area tight and the shoulders rather loose. So, I suppose that it is the styling of the tunic that isn’t working so well for me.

Plum Pretty Sugar Silk Tunic

Plum Pretty Sugar Silk Tunic

On a brighter note, if you have wider shoulders or really like a loose drapey fit in the shoulders and a tighter fit in the hip, then this tunic was made for you!

Plum Pretty Sugar's Tied Up With String

Plum Pretty Sugar’s Tied Up With String

I also purchased their Tied Up With Strings Tunic, but I’ll save that review for another day.