It’s Tuesday my lovely Swimwear and Lingerie Freaks and that means it’s time for our weekly Totally Retro Tuesday post!

I have to say, this one REALLY cracks me up. Maidenform just doesn’t disappoint in their bra marketing do they?

Look! She’s a heroic firefighter!!!

Complete with satin shorty-shorts and sparkly silver disco gloves!

Now, I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention waaaaay back in the late 70’s or early 80’s, but I’m pretty sure that professional firefighters weren’t more into {questionable} fashion than safety.

She’s going to singe the fancy elastic band on her bra that they’re trying to promote.

I think my feminist side just facepalmed

I think my feminist side just facepalmed

She certainly is living it up in her dream of being a firegal… it’s simply amazing what those Maidenform bras will inspire women to do isn’t it?

Now, we’ve giggled at lots of Maidenform ads {like this totally dorky one!} here on Swimwear and Lingerie, but… this one is really rather painful isn’t it?

Not to mention dangerous.

Going to a masquerade party or bowling in your bra is one thing, but hitching a ride, in a completely unsafe manner, on a fire truck while only wearing a bra and shorts that are clearly flammable is just inciting public stupidity… even if it is in a dream state!