Happy Wednesday Swimwear and Lingerie friends.

For today’s Pin Up Wednesday post, I have a bit of a baffling Pin Up that I’m hoping you can help me figure out.

It’s gorgeous as always, but…

Please take a gander and tell me what you see.

Okay, so we have a really super-nosy, though oddly tame parrot watching a young lady getting dressed on the sly in…the jungle? …the rainforest? Not sure where she is, but she’s getting clothing on while wearing nearly see-through, mesh-like under pinnings.

All good, right?

Well, yes and no. We have a typical pin up voyeur fantasy illustrated and she looks suitably surprised and caught in the act, although strangely not upset.

Check… that’s all normal.

Why is she putting on what looks like a swimming costume OVER her bra and panties?

Or is it an incredibly tiny mini dress? … which wasn’t really in fashion back then.

Maybe a playsuit?

I dunno… I’m just having trouble figuring out what’s going on and a bit worried about the bird hanging out there…

Get it? Like in the parrot sketch from Monty Python? Ee's Bleeding Deceased!

Get it? Like in the parrot sketch from Monty Python? Ee’s Bleeding Deceased!

He seems a trifle too used to human contact/proximity and might be an escaped domestic pet, in which case how is he going to survive the horrors of the jungle?

After all, she lost her clothing somehow and she is a fully functioning adult human. {with an apparent predilection for flashing}

Most of all, I’m really concerned about her getting some kind of crazy parrot disease from backing into all those palm fronds while getting dressed.

How does she know her parrot buddy didn’t just pee there a moment ago? Ick.. why wouldn’t you step away from the cloying plant life to get dressed?

I guess I just don't get this one... Oh well.

I guess I just don’t get this one… Oh well.