Happy Tuesday Swimwear and Lingerie freaks.

It’s Totally Retro Tuesday, where we look at a vintage lingerie advertisement and try to apply contemporary thinking and political correctness to the marketing materials of yesterday.

{okay, perhaps not politically correct thinking…yah, that was a bit of a stretch wasn’t it?}

Take a look and tell me how you would caption this image….

Seriously, I would love to hear how you would caption this picture.

After all, it’s just begging to be mocked or played with isn’t it? Leave your caption in the comments so we can keep the giggle train chugging.

Aw, c'mon... play with me.. it's fun being silly!

Aw, c’mon… play with me.. it’s fun being silly!

Instead of reading; “Every man wants his woman on a pedestal”, it could now read; “She told him that if he were unwilling to install one of those new fangled air conditioners to help her achieve the blowing in the wind look for her gauzy nightgown then he had better be prepared to blow a lot harder”

snerk.. or how about; “Roger loved the BDSM games they played in private, but felt that her inspiration for their engagement photos shared a little too much about their play roles.”

Last but not least; “Every man wants his woman on a pedestal, because it’s a lot easier to keep her under control when she can’t stray far from an unrealistic position of purity and excellence.”