Hi there Swimwear and Lingerie friends!

Everyone enjoying their Tuesday so far?

That's right Tuesday...keep it moving... let's get through this on to the rest of the week.

That’s right Tuesday…keep it moving… let’s get through this on to the rest of the week.

Glad to hear it. It’s Totally Retro Tuesday so let’s take a quick look at this lovely vintage lingerie ad. {It’s interesting how I seem to keep coming back to Playtex ads, isn’t it? There’s jut so much to enjoy :)}

The Playtex 18 Hour Girdle Ad: Making flying to a dream vacation that much more palatable. {the pretentious schmucks!}

It’s all about the full circle comfort and stretch…

Is it wrong that I’m more blown away that air travel has only become more cramped, crappy and constraining? Sheesh, if our lingerie can evolve and become 500X better than this girdle pant, what the heck happened to those in charge of traveller satisfaction?

Oops, sorry, off on a little tangent {more of a rant really…}

Right, so, she’s conscious of wearing shapewear to maintain that perfect figure because anything less would embarrassing and socially unacceptable. But stopping an entire line up of strangers to shriek about forgetting to wear her girdle… that’s okay.



I particularly like the end, where her fella stops her on the runway to say she looks great and she says; “I feel great!” Awwww, WELL WHO WOULDN’T FEEL GREAT IF THEY WERE NOW IN HAWAII? Sheesh.