Chantal Thomass Lingerie

Chantal Thomass Lingerie

Happy Friday Swimwear and Lingerie buddies!

I figure that since Monday was a sick day for me {I’m feeling 500X better, thank you for the well wishes :)} I may as well post what I was going to on Monday.

It’s this cute little interview video by FashionTV of Chantal Thomass Lingerie.

The lingerie is wonderful {like it could be anything else!} and I really love finding out about the inner workings of this iconic designer.

{Heads up, the laughing/giggling at the start is incredibly irritating. Frankly I would mute the video until the model is done sashaying around and they really get into the heart of the interview}

Amazing right?

If you’re curious about the Chantal Thomass Autumn/ Winter 2012/2013 Collection, as I totally am, you can head on over to Fashionistas to check it out!