Happy Tuesday Swimwear and Lingerie friends.

Today’s vintage lingerie ad is of the Perma-Lift variety. Let’s take a little look-see and ponder it for a few minutes.

I’m just going to say it… I totally love this ad.

A) She’s really cute AND she’s a brunette!
B) That bra is totally wicked. I would absolutely love to recreate it and think I may just give it a try this weekend.
C) I’m not sure what the petal shape on the bra is for, but it looks like a mop top hairdo which makes me giggle. It’s like one of the Beatles is on your boob.
D) I’m even not worried about the whole mis-labelling of the shapewear as “perma- lift”. Which is pretty huge for me. I guess I just like that the tag line is “The lift that never let’s you down”. It sounds so positive and supportive, which is really nice considering all the ways in which the clothing industry tries to keep women down.
E) It even looks like she’s wearing one that fits properly, with lift and separation!

Not bad for a stroll down Retro lane.

What do you think it all? Am I just too easy to please? {Pah! I almost couldn’t say that with a straight face}

Is there a sinister message hidden beneath all of that happy, glossy vintage goodness?