Hiya Swimwear and Lingerie fans.

I’ve come to the realization that I won’t be eligible for a vacation yet again this year and am now seriously pining for the beach.

Typical right?

In order to pacify my pathetic need to want what I can’t have, I’ve found a lovely little beach pin up for our viewing pleasure.

She has a pretty sweet little swimwsuit on {how awesome are those bottome? they look good and look comfortable too!} and I’m actually really digging her rather clompy foot wear choice, too.

I like that she hasn’t been given the Jessica Rabbit proportions favoured by some artists and instead is working her look with just a smirky little smile.

Until further notice, I’ll be pretending to be her, so if you see me outside eating my lunch on the corporate lawn, pretending to adjust the ties on my bottoms… just shrug and mark it up to a serious lack of down time.