Hello Swimwear and Lingerie buddies.

How’s everyone doing today? I guarantee you will love this Pin Up Wednesday post! How can I be so sure? Well, it isn’t hard when she’s wearing such elegant lingerie and is drawn so beautifully!

The only thing I’m not jiving with is her trout pout. The look on her face and her puckered lips, look a little too contrived for Elvgren’s usual pinup facial expressions.

Generally speaking, he usually has the lady conveying a fairly easy to discern thought, this time however, it isn’t quite as obivous.

What we caught her trying on a gift? The gift is too small and she’s embarassed that it doesn’t fit?

I dunno… Throw in some really tacky blonde highlights, straighten out her bouncy curls to liquid flatness, blast her with about ten applications of self tanner and we have a pretty contemporary look that could be found on any Facebook profile!