Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2012: So pretty!

Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2012: So pretty!

Happy Monday Swimwear and Lingerie fans!

If you recall, I left you with a little bit of a thinking task on Friday’s post; Agent Provocateur’s Lingerie Video, The Muse. I then posted a few reviews from some of my favourite bloggers and writers and asked how you felt about it.

Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2012: Bridal Collection

Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2012: Bridal Collection

Now, I can totally understand if you didn’t read up on the extra-curricular stuff, {and that’s just fine! after all, this was over the weekend, and what kind of a hard-hearted harbinger of hagis would make you do work on the weekend? Nope this was all strictly volunteer-ish, now, however, if you’re currently using this blog as a way to procrastinate from doing your ‘actual’ work, then by all means follow the link above and read up on the reviews.} then, that’s okay too.

You’re opinion on the videos is just fine and more than enough to get a good conversation rolling.

Agent Provocateur, Spring/Summer 2012: Baby and Janey

Agent Provocateur, Spring/Summer 2012: Baby and Janey

The video recap- a beautiful female model is sitting for a painting with a male artist. She is wearing a blousy, long sleeved, see-through tunic-style shirt and over the knee woolen, knit socks.

She sits in a chair and holds her pose, occasionally looking at the artist or moving her feet around in a somewhat twitchy, fidgety way.

The artist walks over and adjust her pose, silently, every so often. He keeps adjusting her pose over and over while varying the arrangement of her clothes into a state of undress.

This all occurs silently, without eye contact.

Eventually, the artist embraces the model and begins to kiss her neck, she returns the embraces and gives the camera a direct gaze and smile.

The other reviewers take very different views of this situation.

One thinks that the artist is imposing himself on the model and using his position of power and authority (employer/employee) to take advantage of her.

The other reviewer thinks that this is a delicate dance of seduction in which both parties are completely complicit.

There is yet one more reviewer that takes it all a step further by stating that this is the enactment of a “rape fantasy” in which the victim submits to the power of the stronger party.

Rape Fantasy

Rape Fantasy

What do I think about it all?

I think that the video is shot very well, the soft tones and fuzzy lighting contribute to the feeling of a risque movie from the ’70s just as Agent Provocateur was hoping. I also think that the bra is simply stunning and that the model is phenomenal.

One reviewer laments the lack of visible lingerie shown during the video and thinks that the video is just gratuitous soft-core porn. When it comes to advertising, we all know that simply showing the products isn’t always the best avenue.

Agent Provocateur has decided instead to sell it’s customers a feeling. A sense of the theme of this season’s collection through this scenario.

We are given the idea that the collection has to do with renaissance life, artistry and creativity, gentleness and graceful lines. Femininity and seduction are two obvious themes, but also craftsmanship and an eye for details. Passion should go without saying.

They don’t have to show us the entire collection to tell us about it.

I don’t think this is a rape fantasy, although there are strong elements {possibly problematic depending on your perspective} of dominance/submission, consent/complicity and seduction/misinterpretation.

Frankly, I think that we are given enough information to believe that the woman is not being forced into anything and that her method of silent submission can be erotically appealing for some.

It is of equal note that just as many people who may be titillated by the video will be offended. Just the way the world works.

So, yes, I like it, I don’t think it’s bad and by playing so very close to the edge of propriety, they definitely sparked off enough buzz to make their marketing efforts pay off. Mission accomplished.