Hola Swimwear and Lingerie friends!

Happy halfway through the week! Today’s Pin Up Wednesday lady is having a slight problem with her cute-as-a-button fizzy pop and the natural spillage that can occur.

Although her expression is a bit odd, {proof that the annoying duckface look on Facebook isn’t a recent phenomenom!} I’m not quite sure what she thinks the danger of having her messed up skirt on her legs is all about, but any reason to show off some garter is a good one.

Is it just me or are a surprising number of pin ups uncredibly uncoordinated and klutzy? They always seem to be dropping things, spilling stuff or getting their clothing sucked up into vacuums.

Are we being led to believe that beautiful, buxom young women are innately dense?

{full disclosure time- I’ve now fallen twice this month in full view of people and while wearing flat heeled footwear= no excuses}

Not that I’m judging but, who the heck wears spike heels to a picnic in a field? She’ll be making divots with every step!