Hello my lovely Swimwear and Lingerie friends!

For today’s Free For All Friday, I have a rather, well, strange lingerie commercial for you. It’s from a Melbourne Lingerie company called Smitten Kitten in Australia.

I say strange because it’s… well, darn it, I’m sorry but it’s really just strange. It doesn’t really leave me thinking “Wow, that was awesome!” I actually come away with an icky feeling…

You tell me… what do you think of it?

Who the heck are they advertising to?

Apart from the rather offensive stereotypes of police and donuts and women’s prisons being one big sleepover party… I’d really love to know who they think this commercial is going to appeal to?

As a woman, I find the lingerie is rather nice, but the idea that the lovely young felon decides to make her mugshots more stimulating by modelling her knickers and sexing up the moment is just…ick!

{but… it’s okay when Chicago does it… WHAT? It’s an amazing theatrical experience and my all time favourite! I never said I wasn’t a hypocrite…just that I was a very vocal and overly opinionated hypocrite}

Which is a shame, because they carry really nice lingerie like Lascivious, Mimi Holliday, Chantal Thomass and so many others that are really wicked!

It’s a shame that the lingerie ad is so off putting. But maybe it’s just me being a prude… {Hey now! There’s a first time for everything}

What do you think of the ad?