Agent Provovateur

Agent Provovateur

Hiya Swimwear and Lingerie lovelies. Oh and well hello there Monday. Why so blue? Is it because no one likes you?

But WHY does everyone hate Mondays so much?

But WHY does everyone hate Mondays so much?

People really seem to dislike Mondays, which is kind of odd isn’t it? Why hate a day of the week?

{Personally, I find Wednesday to be unsuffereable… it takes so much longer than the rest and insists on filling up space when we could be zooming into the weekend that much more quickly without it! BUT, I don’t hate it… just seethingly dislike it, that’s all}

I think we need to give it a break with the whole “Mondays Suck” thing, don’t you? Poor old Monday will be developing a serious complex.

Poor little Monday.... so sad :(

Why don’t we make Monday more fun by instituting “Lingerie Monday“? In fact ya know what? Let’s do it!

{quick side note… don’t google the term “Hell Yeah!” for images when there are small children, or delicately prudish adults around, because there are a whole of penises that pop up and squint at you! Consider yourselves warned…is that right? penises..peni? How do we pluralize the word penis? Neither really sounds right…}

Right, so we’ll need some rules/guidelines for our newest little holiday, because everyone always needs to know what the limits are, so they can break them.

I guess the first rule is:

1. Lingerie is defined at your discretion. If you feel that simply wearing anything outside of white cotton granny pants qualifies as lingerie, then go for it, you risk-taker you!

2. It has to be something you generally wouldn’t wear on any normal, boring given day of the week. For you true lingeristas out there, this may present a bit of challenge… I look forward to hearing about what you come up with!

3. The purpose of Lingerie Monday is to make Monday feel like a special event, less common, something to look forward to! So go all out. After all, lingerie is the perfect secret beneath the surface, so you can doll yourself up any way you like. You can still wear your boring everyday workwear or uniform, so no one but you and the mirror will know.

4. This isn’t about shopping. You don’t need money to participate, you don’t need to have the latest season’s collection, you just need a sense of adventure and a willingness to give it a try!

5. {because no one ends a list at 4…} This could be the perfect chance to dust off the frillies that you save for special occasions. You know the ones that never see the light of day or outside of your bedroom? They called… they want to be released from the lingerie drawer dungeon…or else they’re going to revolt by shrinking a few sizes.

Okay, I think that about covers it. There doesn’t need to be any cliquish, vague posting of colours and fabric types or pictures that may distress your future grandchildren and possible election to the senate.

I'm SHOCKED, I tell you, simply SHOCKED! {No one wants to hear this from their kids....}

I'm SHOCKED, I tell you, simply SHOCKED! {No one wants to hear this from their kids....}

Just go with it and let Monday become a day that you look forward to and plan ahead for… I’m already grinning thinking about how I can work a few different pieces into my wardrobe next week.

Pourquoi pas?

Pourquoi pas?

I would love to hear what you dared to wear, so feel free to pop it in the comments section or twitter/Facebook me!