Hola Swimwear and Lingerie fans!

It’s Wednesday again and we need to get a move on with the Pin Up to get us through the rest of the week.

Today’s Pin Up is a little bit International, check out the bridge and architecture in the background tell me where you think she is.I’m loving her raven hair and back seamed stockings, but most of all, I’m totally into that super cool Vespa! Not just James Bond’s favourite Lady… it’s a pretty stylish ride!

Who do you suppose ML is, carved into the tree? I like that she’s laying on the grass having a little down time and relaxing. But then she notices “us”, the voyeur, and we enter the captured scene where she is slightly surprised and just a little bit miffed, as evidenced by the furrowing of her brow.

How awesome is it that someone illustrated a beautiful woman and included forehead wrinkles? Totally natural and certainly not something to be worried about or needing to be photoshopped or botoxed away! Huge hand claps to the artist for showing a beauty with wrinkles and breaking a typical convention!

The Original Calendar Girls

The Original Calendar Girls

How would you caption her expression in this Pin Up? I think she may be saying, “What made you think I needed any help? I’m just fine here on my own, I can amuse myself, so thank you anyway, carry on your merry way.”

I’ve had people ask me why I like Pin Ups when I’m such a staunch feminist. I agree that they contain an element of voyeurism and exploitation that I find rather irritating. There is also a bizarre sort of infantalization of womanhood, where the subject of the illustration is positioned as a beautiful rube, someone that is less than savvy and overly naive or overly sexual for the scenarios they find themselves in.

The whole Madonna/Whore dichotomy.

It’s a great question and one I wish I could elaborate on properly, but I don’t really have a satisfactory answer. You see, I love the idealized illustrations for several reasons. There is a worship of the feminine form that is naturalized and intoxicating. It helps to offset some of the creepiness I feel when I look at their surprised facial expressions. It’s also the idea that the women of this era, as marginalized as they were, could still find a strength and power in their femininity and be able to hold their heads up high and face the world down as their steady gaze at their voyeurs suggest.

I like that they embrace the power of their bodies and position and society and do with it what they can. I guess most of all I just like the idea that they are worthy of being seen, that they belong front and center and not lost in the shadows or hidden in some one else’s rendition of history.

Obviously I could go on {I would love to gab about this sometime during our lingerie twitter chats!} but that’s probably about enough rambling for now isn’t it?

I was serious you know? I would love to hear what you would caption her as saying?