Happy Friday Swimwear and Lingerie Fans!!! Wahoooo the weekend is officially here!

It’s Free-for-All Friday and I was thinking about how we never really seem to focus on swimwear anymore, and by “we”, I of course mean “Me”. So very sorry about this grave oversight.

Then I started trying to think of ways to rectify such a glaring mistake and lo and behold… I had an epiphany!!!! What’s more swimwear-ish then Baywatch? And I’m talking classic, super music-video-esque early Nineties Baywatch too!

Now get your popcorn ready and thank your lucky stars that retro swimwear seems to have abolished these ridiculously high-cut legs. If these women can’t make them look good, then it’s pretty safe to say that no one can!

So, with no further delay, I present you Baywatch doing what Baywatch does best… “The Montage” {and it’s set to one of my favourite artists too! Gotta love Enya!}

Great way to start off the weekend right? I know! Big shout out to my main man David Hasselhof! You rocked every single episode my friend! Well done on ya!