Happy Hump Day Swimwear and Lingerie fanatics!

Your workweek is almost half over and to help you hurdle this formidable hump, I bring you a talented young lady who can fix her own car, in heels! Which is waaay more than I can accomplish. I have trouble even walking in heels, never mind tinkering with an engine.

I tell ya, Mr. Elvgren knows some of the most talented ladies.

I gotta say, one of my favourite parts of a Gil Elvgren Pin Up, has got to be the facial expressions. What do you think she’s saying here?

She looks defiantly patient, as though Elvgren had frozen a moment, split second, between dialogue and action. He’s just awesome isn’t he?

I think her thought bubble, a la Snoopy in Peanuts, would read: “Whistle one more time and this wrench will require a greased monkey to remove it!”