Happy Monday Swimwear and Lingerie junkies.

I spent the entire weekend, freezing my keester off in one hockey arena or another during a pretty fabulous freeze here in Ontario. Hockey tournament season is pretty serious stuff and it certainly isn’t the first one I’ve gone to, however, it was definitely the one with the least working heaters for the people in the stands.

I made the ridiculous mistake of packing only my fancy/fashion boots and not my hardcore winter boots, but I thought I’d be okay because I’d also packed long johns and thermal wear!

I was most definitely wrong. I’m still trying to warm up…. surprised the shivering isn’t coming through in my typing.

I found out something rather interesting when donning all of my layers over the course of the tournament; my “thermal” undershirt didn’t keep me nearly as warm as my shapewear tank top. Interesting isn’t? Not really sure why that is either, but I’m open to ideas.

With this new revelation in mind, I decided that today’s Must Have Monday post would be dedicated to a review of my saving grace, the Spanx Hide and Sleek Tank Top.

Long time readers may recall that I haven’t been terribly impressed with Spanx shapewear products in the past: Spanx Must Have Review. Well, being the open minded person that I am, I knew I couldn’t judge an entire product line based on one item, so I decided to give the Hide and Sleek Cami a whirl and man am I glad I did.

I originally bought it for torso smoothing and shaping under my summer dresses and work clothes and it worked a treat! The compression and level of control is listed as “Medium” according to the packaging and website synopsis, but as we all know, I hate super restrictive things, so I sized up a few and have been incredibly comfortable.

Spanx Sizing Chart for Hide and Sleek Cami

Spanx Sizing Chart for Hide and Sleek Cami

The shoulder straps are wide, so they don’t work with my thinner strapped dresses and shirts but they make the cami super comfy and I know that the crazy colours of my bra’s shoulder straps won’t be screaming out for attention and distracting people from my more egregious fashion blunders. I wasn’t too hot in the summer, yet I found it insulating in the winter… I guess it acts rather like a thermos in that regard.

How to melt a snowman AKA why all visitors to Canadian Winters should be given a survival/common sense test prior to entry.

How to melt a snowman AKA why all visitors to Canadian Winters should be given a survival/common sense test prior to entry.

The compression on the cami is just right. Not too firm and not too wussy. There is a reinforced area around the bust that has a minimizing effect and certainly prevents any side fat issues. I imagine that if I hadn’t gone up two sizes, I would find the ‘Medium’ strength of compression overly tight as well. No reflection on Spanx, but I really detest anything that’s going to try to re-arrange my innards. I would highly recommend that you try on the product before you buy to be sure that you’re comfortable with the compression before you buy, because these aren’t cheap.

The length is perfect and doesn’t tend to roll up allowing for it to be tucked in or left over top of my pants. In my case, I wore it under my red “Bazinga” T-shirt and a cardigan and never felt as though I had too many layers on or that I was beginning to resemble the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

So, there you have it my dears, unlike the last time, this review is most definitely a favourable one! I love my Cami and quite frankly, I plan to buy a few more in the v neck, spaghetti strap and wrap variations too.

That’s about it from the chilly barrens of Ontario. Make this Monday a good one and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.