Happy Friday Swimwear and Lingerie friends! OR IS IT?

Happy I mean… not Friday, because it’s obviously Friday, just Friday the 13th… {did you guys just hear a duh duh duhhhhnnnn sound? Kind of like Law and Order but more sinister and supersitious-y?}

Hmmm, my train of thought seems to have derailed before getting into clarity station… Gah! That could be another sign of impending folkloric, imaginary-mythic doom!! {or early onset dementia with an unhealthy dose of scattergorriness for good measure}

ANYHOO. Back to the matter at hand…

Today is the auspicious Friday the 13th. {|whispers| duh duh duhhhnnn…|shrieks and runs away giggling maniacally and making crude hand gestures|}

Are you a believer in the potential for bad luck on a day such as today? If you couldn’t already tell, I’m not. You see, I love looking at the etiology of things and when I found out where Friday the 13th got it’s bad karma from… it pretty much lost all of it’s mojo for me.

Want to know a bit more about it? You can read these quick little explanations at National Geographic and over here.

Kinda loses all it’s fun doesn’t it? But, if it still holds power over you, perhaps these Tips to Surviving a Horror Movie would be useful since your life will essentially become one for a day. There’s danger lurking around every corner… WATCH OUT!!!!

Solo Lucky Underwear

Solo Lucky Underwear

But on a brighter note, there’s finally a reason to rejoice at having G cups… I could probably fit the entire word for Friday the 13th phobia, paraskevidekatriaphobia across my boobs! {Thank you Big Bang Theory!}

See how I tied that in to lingerie? Pretty slick right? Wait, it gets even better. I started thinking about all this, because some folks were discussing the impending doom of today and asked what I would be doing to ward off the bad luck gremlins, to which I replied that I would be wearing my lucky underwear.

And no, those aren’t actually my lucky undies… although they are kinda cool. I have many pairs of so-called lucky undies (not that I believe that they are lucky, but they are certainly my go-to undies for different events and situations) and each one has its own special purpose.

I have undies that are my lucky “Interview Undies” because they won’t budge, wiggle or wedge and thus are one less thing to worry about during that stressful time.

I have undies that are my lucky “visiting family” undies because they have no holes, stains and aren’t particularly sexy, so as to cause embarrassment if they should somehow be absconded with by the family dog or prankster and turn up in an inappropriate place.

{true story actually, and a really bad time to have grabbed my thongs and a crotchless pair in a rush to pack… try explaining that to the partner’s grandparents who thought they were a dainty lace hanky…}

Either way, you get the idea right? Wear ’em if you got ’em and if you don’t anoint a pair, declare them capable of warding off bad luck and do your best to survive this scary day. Should anything happen though, I’d really appreciate pictures if it’s anything like my inlaws kind of goof up.