Happy Wednesday Swimwear and Lingerie folk!

How’s everyone’s week going so far? We’re at the official halfway point to the weekend and I’m already thinking about all of the projects I have lined up. But, I’m also kind of dreading the weekend too.

Do you guys do this? Stockpile a ton of ideas and fun projects and then try so hard to ram them all into a tiny time frame, that they just aren’t fun anymore?

I need to learn better time management skills so I don't end up as freakin looney as this lovely lady!

I need to learn better time management skills so I don't end up as freakin looney as this lovely lady!

Luckily for all of us, the majority of my weekend plans involve lingerie and swimwear to some extent, so this silly tangent is still mostly on topic! Yay for me!

Today’s fabulous Pin Up Wednesday post features a lovely young lady trying to maintain her dignity as she sits in an art deco style chair. I have encountered the exact same issue in these chairs, so I can attest to her discomfort and frustration.

{HEY! It’s not easy folks, you’re never sure where your legs are supposed to go and when you’re only 5 ft 4″ your legs don’t really touch the ground in any style of chair… it’s not easy being this awesome. Although, I highly doubt she’ll be reduced to rolling out of the chair into a kluztzy pile on the floor. She looks a little too dignified for that}

Things I love about this Pin Up:
1. She kind of looks like me 🙂
2. She has light brown hair {almost unheard of… they’re usually red, black, blonde or dark chestnut, us light to medium browns are apparently too boring to get much illustrative action}
3. Those heels are killer
4. I seriously have been in that exact predicament before.
5. Her facial expression is too cute!
6. I LOVE that dress, but am not sure how the boobs remain aloft unless they are silicon valley-ish.
7. The colours aren’t super saturated. I love this palette. So pretty and it lets the impact be all about her.
8. It’s a pin up… does there really need to be anymore reasons?
9. Her garters appear to have a ribbon detail that is rather unusual
10. Because her hairdo is the same as I had in high school and because no one ever ends a list on 9.