Hello Swimwear and Lingerie friends.

It’s Totally Retro Tuesday and to ease us back into our routines, I thought we could all enjoy a fun little video of a vintage 1930’s Fan Dance by Suzanna Kim from the movie/Public Service announcement “Slaves in Bondage“.

Wasn’t she lovely? Her costume was so perfectly glittery and cut just so it wouldn’t show until she decided to let it. I would have bet dollars to donuts that she wasn’t wearing a top, which just goes to show her skills in fan dancing.

I guess it just goes to show that today’s lingerie isn’t really so much more risque at all is it?

I hadn’t realized that exploitation films were produced throughout cinematic history, I had always assumed, incorrectly, that the 60’s and 70’s had the market cornered.

Funny how everyone always points to the past as the home of supposed “good” virtue and values, when really, thanks to basic human nature, all of the same issues are always there, sometimes hiding in the shadows and sometimes being promoted for movie profits.