Happy Friday Swimwear and Lingerie folk!

Today’s Friday Funny is devoted costumery/lingerie of the science fiction variety.

Witness what happens when everything goes well, yet still turns out so wrong!

Frankly, I think Rachel handled it really gracefully!

If I were to accommodate a lingerie request for my partner and saw such a look of shock and horror… I probably would have freaked out and not been all, “What’s wrong? Did I get it wrong?”

Nope, things would have gone down something like this…

You see, it would start out all nice and sweet.

Basically, I would be all happy and glossy and daydreaming about what was going on.

Then there would be that horrid ACKKKKKK! Awkward moment, followed closely by some kind of humiliating klutz move usually spurred on by a colossal wardrobe malfunction.

{hint silk on silk wardrobe fail}

Then there would be a few weeks of trying to figure out how to recover my composure and move forward… life isn’t overly kind, especially to the clumsy. Luckily lingerie can solve any problem. That’s been my experience anyway!