Hididdly ho there Swimwear and Lingerie friends. Welcome back to Fitting Tip Thursday!

Let’s get right down to it today, okay? Through no fault of my own, I have lost some weight. Not so much that you would notice and perhaps say,” Wow Maggie! You’re looking really splendid lately, did you get your hair done or something?”

Why yes... I have lost weight! Thank you so much for noticing :)

Why yes... I have lost weight! Thank you so much for noticing 🙂

Although, you can say that if you like, I wouldn’t mind.

{and that’s the level we’ve sunk to around here on the blog. Shameless, self promotion and embarrassingly amateurish attempts to fish for compliments…blech}

Ignore the cynical inner voice there, it hates when I’m on an upswing. Pbtttttthtttt to you, low self esteem.

Pbbbbtttthhhhhhhhttttt Your Mother was a hamster and your Father smelled of elderberries!

Pbbbbtttthhhhhhhhttttt Your Mother was a hamster and your Father smelled of elderberries

Why am I mentioning this?

{and why are you letting your crazy flag fly in public too? Talking to yourself is one thing but publishing the conversation publicly, is a whole new level of Cuckoo!}

Oh Geez… I’m officially Sheldon-ish… Meh, could be worse…I could be Penny-ish. Shudder.

You see, I have some really, really gorgeous pieces of lingerie and I hate that I can’t wear them anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to have lost some extra padding and I get to fit back into some pieces that I had previously outgrown, but darn it, these bras are all basically new.

What’s a girl to do?

I’m so glad you asked.

You see, my neighbourhood lingerie boutique (Vicanies) has this fabulous little service, whereby, if you should find that the bra isn’t fitting as well as it used to (within a reasonable frame of time), whether from weight loss or the natural loosening of the elasticity of the band, they will gladly tailor it so you can get maximum wear and tear from your lacey frillies!

Their seamstress is going to be working on a few of my bras soon and I have to say that they couldn’t have found a better way to secure my ever-lasting loyalty if they tried!

Not only do they stand behind their products even after purchase, but they provide a service to help me continue to enjoy their lingerie!

You may want to inquire whether or not your local boutique offers tailoring or if they can direct you to a skilled seamstress. It can’t hurt to ask and you may actually get more wear time out of your bras! If they don’t already offer the tailoring, perhaps your question will be the encouragement they need to begin!

You Go!  You little lingerie superhero you!

You Go! You little lingerie superhero you!

Look at you changing the world, one bra hook at a time! I’m so proud 🙂

Does your lingerie boutique have any special services that you adore? Tell me all about them, I’m curious about what everyone else does!