Jitter Bug Dancers! She Better Hope Her Lingerie Has Rhythm

Jitter Bug Dancers! She Better Hope Her Lingerie Has Rhythm

Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Freaks.

Happy Totally Retro Tuesday! Can you believe it’s already Tuesday? This week is just zipping by isn’t it?… ya, not really, I know. For some reason, it feels like time has ground to a complete halt. I thought some wishful thinking might snap me out of this dragging worm hole, but not so much.

Damn It Daddy Time... Wake Up!!!!  Let's get this week movin!

Damn It Daddy Time... Wake Up!!!! Let's get this week movin!

Yah, not so much. Sorry, it was worth a try. So here we are stuck in the Tuesday that just won’t end… kind of like Groundhog Day but with a wee bit more nostalgic lingerie. Speaking of which do you see anything super cool about this wicked awesome ad?

1950's Slip Ad

1950's Slip Ad

No? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a hint:

Snerk… I luv me some Muppets, don’t you? Did you figure it out? Was the clue blatant enough?

Okay, that one didn’t even have the word in it, but you have to admit… they certainly had RHYTHM!

The point?

I love that the slip ad… the one waaaaay up above is selling their lingerie by having two lovely women standing around in their pink slips staring at a static figurine of ballet dancers. The catch phrase is: “Rhythm in Lingerie”

Catchy right? The women’s lithe bodies certain look lovely and the illustrated slips certainly seem to move with their bodies…but… they aren’t moving, neither are the symbolic dancers they are staring at. The rhythm in lingerie is apparently just symbolic. This lingerie, is specifically made for people to stand around preening and watching others dance… odd.

It’s a pretty smart move on the brand’s behalf, after all, there are always plenty of folks standing around not dancing! Just look at all the wallflowers in this clip! A completely untapped market that may want lingerie and not need it to be particularly movable.

Genius advertising folks! Are you a wallflower? Do you prefer to stare at other people who are actually out there experiencing life and moving around? Then our lingerie is made JUST for you! Stand around all you want, your lingerie won’t prevent you from not dancing at all!

I do think that the wallpaper in the background has some serious movement…seizure inducing even if stared at long enough or if you actually try to figure out what the heck the brand is trying to tell people in this ad!



Yup, any excuse to watch Swing Dancing! Sigh, wish I could go dancing right now and show off my tap pants and garters!