Happy American Thanksgiving Swimwear and Lingerie Lovers!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and once the Tryptophan wears off, hopefully you will be putting all of the superbly educational information that I share, day after to day, to good use.

Tell your Aunt Belinda that her breasts aren’t meant to act as a natural sunblock for her navel.

Explain to Grandma that even breasts as perky as 16 year old’s, thanks to those new implants, still need appropriate support.



Make sure your nieces and nephews and small children know that the Bra size alphabet goes above DD and that it is completely impossible for 95% of women to ALL be 36C regardless of what the nice ladies at Sears intimates tell them!

Spread the wealth of knowledge! Make your new found brilliance contagious!

{Maybe try to do it with delicacy too! No one likes a sluggish food fight and family feud over the holidays…just saying tact might be a good strategy in these sensitive matters}

Today’s Fitting Tip Thursday is a visual lesson on the importance of a properly fit bra! The Lovable Bra folks have kindly created the following commercial to better explain why properly fit bras are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe.

…and also why flashing your friends isn’t as funny when your family is gathered around too!

Right… need I say more?

Friends don’t let friends wear poorly fit bras! …or flash everyone at their surprise party!

{unless they’re frenemies, in which case you do what ya gotta do there}



Fauve Lingerie

Fauve Lingerie