Ashley Graham in Elomi Lingerie

Ashley Graham in Elomi Lingerie

Hi there my dearest darling Swimwear and Lingerie Fans!

{waves enthusiastically}

I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank each and everyone of you for your wonderful support and kind acceptance into the lingerie, swimwear and fashion world! It truly is an honour to be able to share my hobby and my passion with you each week.

If there was every anything you wanted to know about Lingerie or Swimwear, please don’t hesitate to ask. Whisper it, if you have to! After all, if I don’t know the answer I’ll bust my butt trying to find it for you. That’s what I’m here for.

Which brings me to today’s Fitting Tip Thursday Topic… JUST ASK ALREADY!

Seriously! Think of all the times you haven’t gotten {ack… did I just say that? Some English Major I am!} what you wanted because you didn’t ask.

We can change the world provided we are willing to speak up and say what is and isn’t working!

Case in point my dear, fellow lingerie-blogging friends are all on the warpath, campaigning for specific issues in the lingerie world such as:

Undercover Lingerista: Who is trying to get more companies to make 28 inch and smaller band sized bras in a variety of cup sizes, a worthwhile cause indeed. After all, while I realize that the brands need to make money and that some sizes are so infrequently requested/needed that it costs more to create them, the customers still need them.

Cheryl over at Invest In your Chest, is working her tail off to give honest and completely unbiased reviews of bras for larger cup sizes. Her passion for lingerie and integrity have served to catch the eye of some of the biggest brands in the industry and I am so grateful that she may be able to influence their business models and get word out about properly fit and manufactured lingerie!

Treacle helms the The Lingerie Addict blog and has become an ambassador for positive body imagery. She refuses to tolerate any kind of body bashing, from the backlash against thin women and use of the term “real” women to denote curvy body types to the refusal of companies to use plus size models as equally as traditional sized models. Her willingness to point out the harm that such biases create can’t be easy but she sticks to her ethics and refuses to lower herself to stereotyped body bashing. As her blog increases in popularity, I sincerely hope that more and more people will be infected by her contagious wit and common sense approach!

The marvelous Becky from Busts 4 Justice is a true inspiration. I’ll let her tell her story: Busts 4 Justice was founded on Facebook in 2008 to protest against Marks & Spencer charging up to £4.50 more DD+ bras. In 2009 and with over 18,000 members, the group won its battle and forced M&S to adopt a one-price-fits-all policy. Even though she eventually won her initial battle, she continues to campaign for increased awareness of larger cup needs and issues. Her most recent victory came through a focus group for Playtex, wherein she was able to wage “war on +4” (the industry standard fitting guide of taking a torso measurement and adding four inches to it to determine band size).

I remember a loooong time ago, waaaaay back when I still was an optimist and naively shopped at my local department stores in search of bras that actually fit and felt comfortable.

{Didn’t realize this was going to be one of those ancient history lessons did ya. If I conducted it in a hot tub ala John Cusack would that make it more palatable? Don’t worry I’ve almost made my point…}

I could never understand why I couldn’t find a bra that would fit my bust, when I certainly wasn’t the bustiest person around, and they all had bras on.

It wasn’t until I had an epiphany in La Senza one day that I finally grasped the problem. You see, I noticed that depending on which store I was in, and what size they stocked up to… that would be what they measure me as. So in one place I was a 36 DD, in La Senza I was a 38 DD and in another I was apparently a 42B yet, none of them came close to fitting properly.

Sophia Vergara's cleavage needs a proper fitting!

Sophia Vergara's cleavage needs a proper fitting!

{big shock right? I’m actually a 36-38 FF-G…}

So, if they were only willing to fit me into what they had and not help me find or order in a size that would actually work… it was up to me. I haven’t looked back since and have been on the campaign trail trying to educate all the women around me on the fact that they are NOT ALL 36C.

There you have it my lovelies. A ridiculously long post, all to say, “See something you don’t like? Speak up and change it!” It’s the only way anything will get better. You might be surprised to find out that everyone else feels the same way too!



 Good Night Gilda, a vintage-inspired line of gorgeous lingerie for well-endowed (but not dowdy) luxury-lovers

Good Night Gilda, a vintage-inspired line of gorgeous lingerie for well-endowed (but not dowdy) luxury-lovers