Aubade Lingerie...sigh stunning isn't it?

Happy Fitting Tip Thursday Swimwear and Lingerie fans.

Today’s tip is Confidence. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you make or how many times you end up tripping and making a total dork of yourself. If you confidently get back up {and pretend that you didn’t just wipe out like a colossal cheesemaster on a Silk Slip ‘n Slide} then you’re doing fine. Shrug it off and get on with it.

Case in point. In the movie True Lies, Jamie Lee Curtis plays a frumpy housewife who is taken for granted.

{Yes I do realize she has a smokin’ hot body… and may I just say WOW! This footage makes me want to hit the gym and the salad bar and tone it all up a bit more…There’s a reason she’s known as “The Body”}

In the film she is ‘forced’ to become a “spy” and even though she flubs the whole thing, she still manages to rock it all. I don’t remember most of the story line, but I sure do remember that she has legs longer than Jessica Rabbit!

Jessica Rabbit... her legs aren't long, they're just drawn that way

Jessica Rabbit... her legs aren't long, they're just drawn that way

let’s watch Jamie totally own the moment shall we?

I think we could all use a little more Jamie Lee Curtis attitude. Some people need to get drunk to have that kind of Chutzpah, but that comes with the risk of turning into Alice-Alcoholic and potentially running into Rye-Guy {who we all hate more than jar Jar Binks… little Star Wars reference… please forgive me}. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that courage without the accompanying headache the next morning {and the risk of STDs and pregnancy}?

{I kinda wanted cheer and scream out my appreciation for her performance… not quite the proper venue though is it?}

Don’t apologize for your body, don’t hide in the shadows, STRUT.

After all, you’ll look back in 10 years and wonder why the heck you didn’t appreciate your body more.

So, if you’re holding back on getting lingerie until you lose a few more pounds or for a special occasion or better yet until you can walk into a boutique without blushing as red as 13-year-old boy caught with a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, STOP IT.

Don’t wait, you would be surprised how much power comes from silk straps and lace… it could be just the ingredient you’ve been missing all this time!