Happy Friday Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

It’s time for our usual little giggle-a-thon into the weekend and I think Ive found a pretty good one. Lingerie Football, amazing athletes, amazing game, amazing opportunity for serious wardrobe malfunctions!

Lingerie Football Reveals Dangerous Occupational Hazard

Lingerie Football Reveals Dangerous Occupational Hazard

Now, the feminist in me just can’t let it go… these women are playing some serious football, they have the skill, game sense and love of the game that deserves to be admired. BUT they have to perform in “lingerie” to get any kind of recognition and not for their skills. Frustrating in such a huge way!

Of course my ethics and principles don’t stop me from giggling at the full moon and boot scooting going on either… that’s me, on a soap box and giggling at the same time. Hey, ya gotta live on the good size but never ignore the bad, right?