Hiya Swimwear and Lingerie Buddies! Can you believe it’s Halloween already? I must have eaten a boat-load of uber sugary treats already and it’s taking pretty much all the will power I have to not write all this in CAPS!

I love Halloween and I love everything about trick or treating! But when you get to be an adult a good chunk of the fun gets lost in the whole staging aspect of this wondrous holiday.

So I figure we adults need some treats. Clearly I have over indulged in the sugary kind, but what say we take a stab at the lacey, satiny kind too?

MMMMmmmmm Nom nom nom nom... no! MY CANDY!

MMMMmmmmm Nom nom nom nom... no! MY CANDY!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is my favourite yearly tradition and it’s even on topic for us! Lingerie galore!

Isn’t Tim Curry just the dreamiest? That man can strut it up something fierce!

And now for something somewhat similar with even more lingerie and FYI more nipples, so this is definitely NSFW.

Agent Provocateur’s new video, titled “Les Fleurs de Mal”, promoting their gorgeous and definitely naughty Soiree Collection 2011-2012.

Zombies, lingerie and screaming models… does it get any better than this? Have a great Halloween everybody! Oh, and I promise not to OD on exclamation marks for the next post… but I can’t make any promises on the all caps thing…just saying, I’ve obviously used up ALL my will power!



Pssst… just one more before you go!