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Happy Totally Retro Tuesday!

Van Raalte Lingerie Stockings Ad

Van Raalte Lingerie Stockings Ad

I love the colours in this advertisement, don’t you? From the model’s dress to the customers eyes and lips. It has that fabulous intensity and saturated pigments that make the visuals pop off the page.

The customer is holding up a stocking showing it’s transparency and strength while we look at it as worn on an actual model. What I love the most is that we get to see the product both on and off the model, it adds a sense of honesty that seems to be lacking in most vintage lingerie ads… oh who am I kidding, the honesty is lacking from most lingerie ads today as well!

If I were to caption this ad, I think that the model would be calling down to the customer and saying; “Frances…what are you doing? Put that back on! You can’t compare your stockings to mine right now… sheesh!” She would then snicker to the other stocking models, “That Frances, you can dress her up, but you can’t take her out! Once a peeler, always a peeler!”

How would you caption it?