Catrinel Menghia for Aubade Agenda 2009

Catrinel Menghia for Aubade Agenda 2009

Hi There Swimwear and Lingerie buddies.

Weird name for a Fitting Tip Thursday post right? Yah, I know, but that really is my take home message today.

I have this friend, who’s sense of self is so completely distorted that she NEVER looks in the mirror. When she needs an opinion on an outfit or clothing choice, she can’t trust herself to give a true opinion, so she asks her friends, via phone pictures, and let’s us decide for her. It’s really sad, because of the lot of us, she’s the most gorgeous. Everything looks good on her, but she’s her own worst enemy.

Cue mandatory Pink song:

{Quick side note I think that hair would be fun for a bit, but eventually I would end up scalping myself getting it caught in a revolving door or escalator}

She refuses to wear lingerie because, according to her, it screams out “look at me, look at me!” The very thing she’s always trying to avoid. I don’t blame her and I don’t think she’s even close to being an example of someone with borderline Body Dysmorphic Disorder. But I see a lot of this when I’m out in the lingerie trenches. Just sit outside the fitting rooms of a lingerie shop and you’ll hear the most depressing barrage of self-critique.

I won’t lie to you, I think we all have more than a bit of pseudo-BBD going on in some way shape or form. I can’t blame the media, because I think it’s completely embedded in our society. I think we all end up reinforcing it for each other through all of our little competitive actions and daily routines. Heck even the lovely ones, AKA models aren’t safe from it. Just check out Models Without Makeup and see how mean we all are.

We, as humans in the developed nations, have completely embraced the competition for “nothing” now that competing for survival etc. isn’t an issue. Yes, yes that’s waaaay too simplistic a reason, I realize, but I don’t think I can sum it up properly in the space constraints of a blog post.

Cave-woman says "Grrr, my animal hides are sexier than yours"

Cave-woman says "Grrr, my animal hides are sexier than yours"

Frankly, I think it’s time we took back our mirrors and our dignity. If you can’t trust your own eyes, maybe it’s time to trust someone elses. There seem to be quite a few legitimate Boudoir Photographers cropping up these days and I have to say that they have the talent and skills to showcase the best in all of us.

Bunny Yeager's Pin Up Girls of the 1950's

Bunny Yeager's Pin Up Girls of the 1950's

I haven’t availed myself of their services yet, but it’s definitely on my bucket list. I can’t vouch for any of them myself, but I know that you, my intelligent and sensible peeps, are more than smart enough to check out a business before you commit to their services.

Here are a random few I know from Twitter and the internetz:

Trixie Lane’s Old School Pin Ups and Seattle Retro Photography

HoneyBourne Intimates

Kissed By Light

Susan Eckert Photography

Haute Shots

Seeing yourself through some one else’s eyes may be just what you need to break the habit of self-recrimination. I think I may just take my own advice and start planning my own Boudoir Photography Session.

Now, pin up or artsy? That’s the easy decision the really hard one will be whittling down the lingerie choices.