Hi Swimwear and Lingerie Buddies.

Happy Totally Retro Tuesday! Are ya ready for the next installment of “These are the flakes of our lives” Brought to you by Lux Laundry Soap. This is the real soap opera Ladies and Gents.

{Featuring the deranged ramblings of a woman who must buy double the amount of stocking she actually needs because she is guaranteed to snag the first pair just getting it on.}

Retro Stocking Ad from Lux Lingerie Flakes

Retro Stocking Ad from Lux Lingerie Flakes

Wow, I tell ya, that Betty Grable, amazing legs AND she’s also practical too. Crazy huh? Hollywood starlet…practical… she’s just a puzzle isn’t she. Although, I never knew she was such a hard-ass… She INSISTS on gentle Lux Flakes…clearly SHE isn’t the one rinsing the acid perspiration out of HER gossamer stockings either… she stands around, with smoke coming out of her ears, INSISTING that her cleaners ONLY use Lux.

I kinda don’t want to use it anymore. Only despots and meanies would INSIST on it.

I am curious though how they decided upon this tag line…”These Tiny Diamonds of Lux are Another Fine Product”. Because when I think of smooth-non-run-causing-things-I-want-near-my-stockings… diamonds? Not so much.

Wait…flakes or diamonds… how can the soap be both at the same time? I’m so confused…