Howdy Swimwear and Lingerie friends.

Today is Labour day Monday here in Canada and we’re all enjoying some time away from the gruelling drudgery of work and regular routines.

In honour of this day of sleeping in and reading books and doing whatever the heck we want, I decided that I would let this Public Service Announcement video do all the heavy lifting for me.

For your viewing pleasure we have: “How to Perform Abdominal Thrusts to Save a Choking Victim” {while wearing sexy lingerie] courtesy of the wonderfully humourous folk at Fortnight Lingerie.

Hands up… who wants some chocolate hearts now? Only good things can come from chocolate and this video is all the proof I need of this universal truth!

Back on topic now…how amazing is her long-line lace bra? I am completely in lurve with it and will be trying to track it down…although as this video is a few years old I may have some trouble…any ideas on how I could locate it folks?