Hallooooo Swimwear and Lingerie Friends. Can you believe it’s almost the weekend? If you’re in Canada, it’s even better because it’s almost the Labour Day Weekend!!!!

{Wait…is that only a Canadian holiday?… huh…I have no idea… be right back, gonna go check that out, inquiring minds need to know!}

While my interior monologue is fact checking, have a gander at the following video featuring the always alluring Berni Dexter and lingerie from the folks at Babygirl Boutique. It’s Fitting Tip Thursday and who better to show us the power of perfectly fit lingerie than Berni Dexter? She’s rocking a stunning vintage styled lingerie set in red and wearing fully formed nylon stockings with garters. Ooh la la.

{Yup, I really did just say that. Hard to believe, but what else can you say when faced with the perfectly playful sensuality of Berni Dexter? She is a true Pinup beauty!}

{Okay, I’m back and evidently Labour Day is celebrated by a whole wack of other countries and at different times throughout the year. Who knew right? So, to all my American friends,who celebrate it at the same time as us, “Enjoy your long weekend too!”}

As to our fitting tip for today, did you happen to notice how natural and relaxed she looked in her ensemble? I think the chief take away lesson here is that when your lingerie fits properly and feels as wonderful as hers evidently does, it’s hard to look anything less than phenomenal. Confidence really is the best accessory.