Happy Tuesday Swimwear and Lingerie buddies!

Since yesterday’s Must Have Monday item was Common Sense, {or at least a survival instinct not to knock myself out by wearing too much lingerie and trying to belly surf across my bed on a river of silk} I thought that today’s Totally Retro Tuesday could be a little bit different too. I decided that rather than ooh and ahhh over the message a company was sending with their advertising or mentioning how amazing Marilyn Monroe looked in EVERYTHING… that we could look at the actual item of clothing in the picture and see what made it so awesome.

{I am in no way minimizing just how phenomenal Phoebe Cates is as an actress and as a representation of a healthy, confident feminine figure… after all, let’s face it, there’s a reason she was everyone’s fantasy girl! But for now, we’ll just talk about the swimwear okay?}

I forget where I was on the internet, but I happened to stumble across the iconic photo of Phoebe Cates wearing the notorious red bikini that has helped to make the 80’s movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, such a cult classic and favourite of 13 year old boys everywhere.

Ignoring for the moment that the movie is from 1982 and that it can officially be called retro, which is totally freakin’ me out… {Yes, I was alive in the 80’s, I won’t tell you how old, nor will I tell you that I still can’t believe it’s actually the new millenium… damn I feel old… even though I’m NOT!}
…I thought it would be a good idea to look at her bikini and see where the styles have come full circle and what makes it such a classic design.

The two piece swimsuit is a beautiful deep cherry red that creates a real sense of drama and sophistication. The bikini top features small, triangular, gathered cups with a hidden front closure, tie behind straps, and minimalist matching, over-the-shoulder straps. The bottoms featured a full front and back with a figure flattering, v-shaped, criss cross detail on the waistband. I adore the fact that the top is so minimalist and sparse, as compared to the fuller cut of the bottoms.

Even though this suit is almost three decades old, it wouldn’t be out of place on a beach or pool deck in this day and age. Which is the point of my post. When you have a great design it transcends trends and styles.