Happy Monday Swimwear and Lingerie Peeps!

Quick question for my lovely readers today. Do you remember the movie, The Truman Show?

Yah, the movie totally creeped me out. I have to admit, every so often, I wonder if I’m on a show like that… then I realize that I would have to be a total narcissist to even think something like that and I hang my head in shame and try to keep my paranoid shifty eyes to myself.

Well, the other day I was catching up on one of my favourite blogs, Steam Me Up Kid, and I started freakin’ out. Seriously… I totally freaked. You see, at the end of her post for August 4th, where she is reviewing the movie “The Notebook”, I had that; “…WTF…was she watching me?” moment.

Let’s go to the movies!! from Becky on Vimeo.

…Seriously, this was me, jabbering on the phone to my husband, who was driving to Ottawa, in a winter storm, with the flu. IT WAS ALL THE SAME. RIGHT DOWN TO THE MARSHMALLOWS…. creepy right? I don’t mind telling you that I stopped picking my nose for at least a week, worrying that I was on tv. I also began searching for hidden cameras and secret microphones and stuff too.

{Bet you’re all wondering how I’m going to circle this one back to lingerie, aren’t you? It’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself, and it involves an adult slip’n slide!}

For today’s Must Have Monday post, I thought I would share just how much fun I’ve been having in my new Ayton Gasson Lingerie. If you recall, a little while ago, I purchased this absolutely amazeballs babydoll set and have been really loving the style and design.

In fact, I found the slippery silk fabric so lovely, that I decided to double my fun by wearing my silk robe on top for discretion and modesty.

{not really… no one was around, I was just wearing it ’cause it was nice to feel like a diva… don’t judge… you know you totally do it too sometimes!}

Anyhoo we’ll cut right to the chase shall we? I was reading my magazine while lying on my bed and I got up to grab a drink of water. When I came back, I decided I would elegantly float back into my reading spot and leaped onto my bed.

Kids… don’t try this at home. You see, what happens when you wear silk next to silk, is that there is very little friction or stickiniess to the fabrics… the two fabrics just start to work against you with an evil Slip’n Slide action and I slid right over my bed and ended up in the most pathetic heap on the floor.

{Because, of course, I fought the fall all the way down and didn’t just accept that it was happening and try to go down with some dignity… nope I was basically Eddie Murphy’s Aunt Bunny}

I sprang up immediately and began acting as though nothing had happened in case anyone had seen me careen across the bed, miss the end table and flomp onto the carpet. Again, NO ONE WAS HOME. But on the off chance that I was on a Truman Show kind of thing… I had to try and save face. Right?

I guess some people weren’t meant to be delicate and dainty divas…some of us have to be the frickin’ circus clowns of life. So, note to self, silk + silk= embarrassment. In order to be a true Diva you need less exuberance and more refined and dignified types of movements. You don’t see Dita Von Teese swan diving into her martini glass do you?